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Maybe you are the one who always plays hero Layla or Mia It's a bit difficult when playing the MLBB hero Claude. Although both marksman heroes, Claude is a hero who has a high level of difficulty.

Up to epic tier mythic On the border, it may be rare to find this hero user because not many people choose him. 

But if you have just reached that tier and mastered the hero Claude well, chances are you will easily reach a higher tier. 

So, in this discussion we will review the skill set, how to play, and the best build for Claude MLBB. Read this article to the end to find out more!

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Skill Set Hero Claude MLBB

Marksman hurts Claude
Source: Mobile Legends

It is very important for you to know what the skill set of this marksman hero is like. Because by knowing it, you will know the right timing to activate it so as to produce an effective attack.

For more detailed information, you can see a brief review of Claude MLBB's skills below: 

Battle Side by Side

When activating this skill, Claude will alternately attack the enemy with the monkey on his shoulder, Dexter.

The damage is small and depends on the hero's attack speed. As the match progresses the attack speed will increase according to the items you buy.

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Art of Thievery 

Well, this skill has a bit more function. When you successfully hit an enemy with this skill the enemy will be affected by a slow effect. Then, attack speed, movement speed will increase, and cooldown will be shorter. 

Battle Mirror Image

With this skill, Claude becomes a marksman who has the best escape ability. This skill is shaped like a monkey hologram which is useful for zoning enemies, running away, swiping and even for open maps. 

Unfortunately this skill is not effective for attacks because the cooldown is short and the damage is too small.

As an escape skill, Battle Mirror Image can be used to teleport by Claude. This skill is not affected by distance, as long as it is still active you can teleport to the hologram point.

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Blazing Duet 

Apart from finished items, the speed of Blazing Duet really depends on the number of stacks Claude has. When Claude's stack reached five, Claude's shooting speed was clearly different from when Claude's stack was only one. 

Therefore, try to always activate this skill when your stack is at its maximum. Because Claude's ultimate cooldown is very long, you have to maximize every moment using this skill. 

The advantage of this skill is the damage area which can lock fire on five enemies at once.

Unfortunately this skill is very easy to cancel, even with only skill 2 Lesley. Another weakness of this ultimate is that it cannot hit enemies who run away and hide in the bushes. 

Lastly, Claude's ultimate is actually just a basic attack launched at high speed. So it is important for you to use items such as DHS and Golden Staff. 

Build Claude MLBB

Build Claude MLBB
Source: Youtube Vanca

For item choices, you should use Tough Boots or anti-mage shoes. Then get the items Corrosion Scythe first then later Demon Hunter Sword, Golden staff, Wind of Nature, and Rose Gold Meteor. 

So, the most important thing for you to think about is battle spells. Because you have to decide according to the opponent you are facing. 

You need to know first that Claude's natural counters include Franco, Diggie, Khufra, Edith, Yu Zhong, Minsitthar, Guinevere, Paquito, Vexana, Faramis, Nana, and Kadita. 

It is very easy for these heroes to cancel Claude's ultimate skill. But you can get around this by using the right battle spell. 

Use battle spells Vengeance when meeting four burst magic and physical heroes. With this skill, Claude's blood doesn't run out easily. 

When you meet Claude's counter hero, as previously mentioned, you can use the battle spell purify or sprint. 

Meanwhile, if you meet a counter hero like Franco and Guinevere, you must use the battle spell purify to escape the hook and be lifted by Guinevere. 

In conclusion, use purify when you meet lots of Crowd Control heroes. Use the battle spell vengeance to face lots of burst enemies. Finally, use sprint if the opponent's hero composition is balanced between CC and burst. 

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Tips for being good at playing Claude MLBB

Gameplay Claude MLBB
Source: Mobile Legends

Remembering that Claude is a marksman hero with a high level of difficulty. Playing it in three phases of the game requires different playing styles. 

You are obliged to read this because the main points of being good at playing the hero Claude MLBB are here. Just take a look at the following explanation: 

Early Game

Try to play safely during the early game and after getting the shoes try to get the Corrosion Scythe. Because this item will speed up Claude's basic attack. 

Open skill one Claude Art of Thievery, make sure the skill always hits the enemy and minion at the same time.

This way you will get stack 5 straight away and get maximum attack speed. 

Remember that in the early game Claude's damage is very weak, so you have to rely on his attack speed by using the Art of Thievery effectively. 

In this phase you cannot force farming minions but you must also always be able to last hit minions. It's a bit difficult, isn't it? But that is the artistic side of playing Claude in the early game phase. 

Remember, killing minions is not the only way for marksman heroes to get rich. Because Claude is weak if he fights alone in the early days, try to always be present when the team fight takes place. You can cover up the loss of gold minions in this way. 

This way you can get gold from assists and kills. But the point is, in the early phase, don't force yourself to play bars, especially when you meet heroes like Clint, Lesley, Popol and Kupa on the gold lane.

In conclusion, you have to play it safe until you get the Corrosion Scythe. You can play aggressively when you have this item. 

Lastly, never die in the early game! It's better to sacrifice a little gold than die. Because you can still catch up on gold if you only miss one or two waves of minions. 

Mid Game

In this phase, the gold lane tower may have been successfully broken. But you can't immediately join the team fight, focus on helping the mid lane get the opponent's tower first. 

Always look for gaps and prioritize the gold lane turret. Don't forget to keep farming to get the second and third items. 

Don't join the war too often because Claude's damage is not optimal. In this phase you still have to think about how to split the enemy tower.

When you have succeeded in breaking down the tower in your own lane, help your teammates to break down the other towers. 

In this phase, joining war is not the best choice for Claude to focus on getting the Golden Staff item while farming minions and pushing towers.

For example, your team is busy fighting at the bottom while the mid or top lane position is empty. Choose to push the top tower, because it will be more difficult for the enemy to reach you there. 

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Late Game

PadIn this phase, you already have three important core items, namely Corrosion Scythe, Demon Hunter Sword, and Golden Staff.

At that point, you have to pay attention to how to team fight properly and correctly.

Make sure before attacking the enemy Claude's natural stack and the three core item stacks are in maximum condition.

This means you cannot join the war by directly activating the ultimate skill. You can pay in installments stack by shooting the enemy using basic attacks.

In this situation, you must pay attention to whether the enemy has released a skill that can most likely cancel Claude's ultimate.

If you feel it is safe and the entire stack is in maximum condition then activate the ultimate skill that you have.

Claude's damage is indeed weak, but if the core item is ready he will have an effective attack speed to pay off the enemy's HP.

In the late game phase you will often encounter team fights. Even with the monster's attack speed, you can't just use the ulti carelessly if you don't want to die stupidly.

In conclusion, you cannot carelessly use Claude's ultimate even though the stack is at its maximum.

You need to consider the enemy's possible skill set Claude's ultimate counter

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