10 Ways to Increase Mythic Honor Easily and Faster!

mythic honor

Rank up within Mobile Legends is a very satisfying achievement. One example is when you reach Mythic Honor rank.

If you want to reach that rank more quickly, let's follow some of the tips below. Come on, let's watch it together!

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What is Mythic Honor?

mythic honor
Mythic Honor. Source: Youtube.com/Letuzawa

For those who don't know him, Mythic Honor or Mythical Honor is a row of ranks that you will achieve after successfully reaching Mythic.

So, the current rank order is:

  • Mythic: 1-24 ⭐️
  • Mythical Honor: 25-49 ⭐️
  • Mythical Glory: 50 ⭐️ and so on
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Quick Tips on How to Increase Mythic Honor Easily

mythic honor
Mythic Honor. Source: Youtube.com/Letuzawa

There are several ways you can do to reach this rank.

The following is an easy way to increase your Mythic Honor rank, namely:

Stabilize Connection

Teamfight illustration. Source: Mobile Legends

Before jumping into battle, make sure that your internet connection is running smoothly. 

Experience lag or dropouts can disrupt gameplay and hinder progress. 

So, make sure you have a stable connection before starting the match.

Understand Hero Skills and Strengths

roaming ml means (2)

before using heroes, it is very important to really understand skills and their strength. 

This will help you optimize your contribution within the team to achieve victory.

If you are not sure about heroes that you will use, study them first so you understand better when you play later.

Avoid Trying New Heroes

It means Montage Mobile Legends

This is not the right time to try heroes that you've never played before. 

Use heroes which you already know and master well. Try heroes It can only be detrimental to your team if you don't master it well.

Take advantage of OP Heroes (Over Power)

free ml accounts (4)
Pick Hero Mobile Legends (Source: Yodu)

Sometimes, there are very strong heroes in the meta game.  Learn and use heroes this can give you a significant edge when playing.

However, make sure you know how to utilize skills heroes correctly and determine the right timing.

Understand the Concept of Counter Pick

List of Hero Mages. Source: m.mobilelegends.com/id

When your opponent has chosen a certain hero, consider choosing a hero who can deal with him well. 

This is called the concept of “pick counter” and is an important part of the game strategy. 

Choose heroes that are effective against your opponents can give your team a huge advantage.

Master the Hero for Each Role

Android Games
Mobile Legends Characters. Source: Bali Rubber Technology

To become a more versatile player, it is important to master the heroes for each role (roles) in the game. 

This will make you more flexible in meeting the team's needs and contributing to wins.

Play with your Friends

Mabar, mythic honor
Teamfight When Playing Together. Source: Mobile Legends

Playing with your reliable friends can improve team coordination and communication. 

This will help your team work together more effectively in increasing rank. 

So, invite your friends to play together and increase your rank together, aka carrying each other.

Understand Map Awareness

Latest Mobile Legends Patch Update (2), mythic honor
New Map of Harmonia. Source: Mobile Legends

You should always pay attention to the map (folder) during the game. 

Awareness of the map is the key to avoiding surprise attacks from enemies (ganking) and make better decisions. 

Know the positions of your enemies and friends and plan your movements based on information from the map.

Choose the Right Time to Play 

Ixia Ultimate Skill, mythic honor
Ixia Ultimate Skills. Source: YouTube/Prolayer Gameplay

What is no less important, is choosing the right time to play the match. 

Avoid playing when you feel tired or distracted. Focus and good mentality can make a big difference in the quality of your game. 

So, make sure you are in good condition before starting the match.

Use Jockey ML on VCGamers

ML jockey, mythic honor
ML Jockey. Source: VCGamers

If you find it difficult or don't have time to rank up, consider using the Mobile Legends (ML) jockey service available on the VCGamers Marketplace. 

ML jockeys are experienced players who will help you rank up quickly. 

By utilizing the services of a jockey, you can reach a higher rank level without having to go through a fairly long and difficult process in the game. 

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So, those are some tips for quickly ranking up in Mobile Legends. For those of you who want to continue updates, Don't miss the latest information about games, technology and gadgets only on VCGamers news.

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