5 Best and Most Exciting Offline Simulation Games

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Playing simulation genre games sometimes drains your quota. But don't worry, you can find it games offline simulation that is ready to accompany you at any time.

Playing games is a fun activity for many people. So, it's not surprising that many games offer various interesting things.

One of them is that it can be played without requiring internet access at all. So, you don't need to worry about running out of quota.

You can play this series of 'free' internet simulation games on various devices. Let's take a look at these exciting game recommendations!

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List of Offline Simulation Games

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Simulation Game (Source: Revision Effect)

The following are the best and most exciting offline simulation games that you can play, namely:


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Terraria (Source: Steam)

Terraria is the most popular 2D Sandbox game made by Re-Logic. You can play this game offline or without internet access.

Terraria is available on Windows Phone, Android, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, iOS, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation 4, macOS, Linux, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Gameband.

The gameplay is similar to Minecraft, you can adventure into the world of Terraria. Apart from that, you can build, fight, and even go on adventures in single-player or multiplayer mode.

Because the Terraria game has an open-ended system, it will be divided into 4 classes, namely Melee, Ranger, Magic and Summoner.

There are 3 levels that you can try, namely Expert, Master and Journey. Where, in this Journey level you can copy items, control the weather, time and difficulty level.

Expert and Master mode, you can also complete challenges with rewards that will be given at the end.

Pocket Love

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Pocket Love (Source: Koqueta Love/Youtube)

Another offline simulation game that you can play is Pocket Love, published by HyperBeard on February 21 2021 for Android and iOS.

As a player, you can create a love story with your partner. Apart from that, you can also build houses, go on adventures in cities and interact with other characters.

Like dating in general, you can play games together and spend time together in several locations such as parks, restaurants and museums.

You can collect existing items such as clothes, accessories and interior/exterior decorations.

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Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley (Source: Steam)

Next is a farming and plantation simulation game that can be played offline Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is one of the most popular simulation games released for Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, Android, iOS by ConcernedApe.

The story is, you will get a garden inherited from your grandfather that you have to look after by planting, gardening, looking after livestock, mining, fishing and other plantation activities to earn income.

Youtuber Life 2

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Youtuber Life 2 (Source: Steam)

Youtuber Life 2 is a game released on October 8, 2021 by Daedalic Entertainment for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC (Windows, macOS, Linux).

Here you will act as a beginner YouTuber who wants to become a popular YouTuber.

You are free to create content, build followers and manage your YouTube Channel.

Just like YouTubers in general, you can create varied content such as tutorials, tips, tours, and much more.

After the content is created, you can also immediately upload it and share it on social media so that many people watch it.

Playing the Youtuber Life 2 game will give you realistic experience regarding how to become a popular Youtuber.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 (Source: Wikipedia)

Games RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Made by Atari, it was released 14 years ago, on November 17 2000, for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux.

You will build your dream Fantasy World to get lots of visitors and earn high income.

In Fantasy World, you can also build shops, rides, snack booths, parks and many other facilities.

As the name suggests, you will build your own giant RollerCoaster using sophisticated design tools.

In the vast Fantasy World, you can tour the parks there such as the Wild West, Sci-Fi and Pirate.

You also have to be able to provide the best visitor satisfaction, looking at the facilities, needs or services so that they feel at home in Fantasy World.

If there are errors from employees or visitors, of course you also have to be able to resolve the problem.

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