5 Best Safe Games for Children in 2024, Exciting and Educative!

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Currently there are a number games which is present on consoles up to smartphones and can be played by children. Of the many games, there are some that are safe for children, you know!

Just by using a smartphone, children can access anything on it. However, sometimes there are some children who access content or applications without parental supervision.

There are many educational and entertainment facilities that can be taught to children from an early age before entering school, one of which is by playing games.

Usually children often play games using smartphones because they are very easy to use.

But without parental supervision, children will play games which are quite dangerous for their growth and development. However, this depends on the type of game.

Therefore, looking for safe games for children can be done by paying attention to the gameplay of the game.

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List of the Best Safe Games for Children

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Illustration of Children Playing Games (Source: Crystal Beauty)

The following are the best safe games for children that can be played in 2024, namely:

Masha and the Bear: Educational

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Masha and The Bear: Educational (Source: Google PlayStore)

One of the best safe games for children in 2024 is Masha and the Bear: Educational. Maybe for children who like Masha and The Bear, this game is very suitable to play.

Masha and The Bear: Educational, which was developed and released by Animaccord on December 1 2018, is very safe and educational for children.

Of course, games are also designed specifically for children, which can be played on smartphones, for example Androids, iOS and even Tablets.

Masha and The Bear: Educational will provide an exciting and fun learning experience for children and from this game they can also solve puzzles, cook and many more and help train their cognitive thinking.

Thanks to the popularity of the animated series Masha and The Bear, this game is quite popular with children because the characters can make children feel more at home playing it.

The educational elements contained in this game will introduce basic concepts such as colors, shapes, numbers and language through this game which helps increase their cognitive creativity.

This game is very safe for children because there are no inappropriate advertisements or application or product purchase advertisements.

Apart from that, there are also parental controls that can be activated to monitor children playing these games.

Toca Boca Jr

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Toca Boca Jr (Source: Google PlayStore)

The best safe games for children that children must play on smartphones are Toca Boca Jr.

Toca Boca Jr was designed and released by Play Piknik on May 25 2015. In one application it will offer a selection of the best educational games there.

Here children can play, be creative, build their own virtual world and go on adventures in the world of Toca Boca Jr.

The following is a selection of games available in Toca Boca Jr:

  • TOCA NATURE: Here children can create their own world and can plant and harvest fruit or vegetables and feed the wild animals there.
  • TOCA KITCHEN 2: In this game, children can cook delicious food and serve it to customers.
  • TOCA LAB: ELEMENTS: Here children can become scientists by going on an adventure in the world of science and discovering up to 118 elements to test in the laboratory and have fun experimenting with.
  • TOCA BUILDERS: Like playing Minecraft, children can build their own buildings using blocks. Apart from that, you can also decorate it as creatively as possible.
  • TOCA PET DOCTOR: Here children will become a Veterinarian, who can treat 15 sick pets using medical equipment.
  • TOCA LAB: PLANTS: Here children can plant plants with the help of garden tools.

TOCA Boca Jr can be played on smartphones offline and has been COPPA and kidSAFE certified because it is safe, has no advertising and is guaranteed for children.

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Baby Panda's Town: My Dream

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Baby Panda's Town: My Dream (Source: Google PlayStore)

The third game that is safe for children on smartphones is Baby Panda's Town: My Dream which was released by BabyBus on September 5 2018.

In Baby Panda's Town: My Dream, children can build an interesting town with special food and friendly residents.

Apart from that, in this city there are 8 different jobs available such as Flight Attendant, Chef, Teacher, Archaeologist, Astronaut, Police, Firefighter and Doctor.

Children can learn to solve simple math problems, coordinate with their friends and be creative.

Endless Alphabets

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Endless Alphabet (Source: Google PlayStore)

The next safe game for children is Endless Alphabet, developed and released by Originator Inc on October 1 2013.

Endless Alphabet is an educational and puzzle genre that can be played on Android and iOS.

The gameplay is quite unique because it helps children learn to read and develop their vocabulary skills.

The educational element of the game is that it presents several letters with unique colorful visuals to help children practice reading and listening to the pronunciation of these words.

Of course, this Endless Alphabet game is very safe for children because there are no advertisements or third application purchases so they can learn comfortably.

Khan Academy Kids

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Khan Academy Kids (Source: Zendesk)

As a safe game for children, the next best is Khan Academy Kids, which is a game designed specifically for children.

The Khan Academy Kids game was developed and released by the educational franchise, namely Khan Academy, on July 10 2017.

The genre of Khan Academy Kids is education and problem solving which can be played on Android and iOS.

The gameplay is also quite exciting because children can access learning activities such as reading, solving puzzles and going on adventures in the world of virtual education.

In this game there is also learning material equipped with challenges to practice their learning skills.

Apart from that, Khan Academy Kids covers several subject materials such as language, mathematics, social studies and many more that can train and strengthen their academic skills.

Of course, this game is very safe for children to play because there is no content or advertising that interferes with their learning.

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That's a list of the 5 best safe games for children in 2024 that can be played on smartphones. So, which games are you interested in downloading?

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