List of Honkai Star Rail Healer Characters and Superior Abilities

best healer honkai star rail

Honkai Star Rail has a very good line of Healer characters. According to the author, the characters that have been released currently are very satisfying and have their own advantages.

The Healer character in the game released in 2023 is categorized into one Path, namely Abundance.

Honkai Star Rail is a game that prioritizes synergy or compatibility between characters in one team.

So, choosing the Abundance character must also be adjusted to suit the compatibility between the DPS and other support characters. 

Who are the current healer characters that are good for you to pull or build to support your DPS?

The author will explain the strengths of the character Abundance which has been released now for you to consider when choosing a character.

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Best Healer Character Honkai Star Rail

Basically, the Healers in the Honkai Star Rail game are very good for their respective rarity levels and have various abilities.

As of the time this article was written, there are 5 Abundance characters, namely: Luocha, Huohuo, Bailu, Natasha, and Lynx.


luocha hsr

Luocha including a flexible healer character for use in various teams, especially teams that use DPS from the Destruction and Hunt paths.

Luocha's ability, which according to the author, is very superior as a healer, is his passive healing and creating a healing area when he reaches a certain stack.

This healing area will mean that all character attacks on enemies will be converted into healing for the HP of all characters in the party automatically.

In addition, characters who attack during their character's turn will get a greater healing percentage.

Luocha's passive healing ability will heal one character with the lowest HP without having to use Skill Points by resting for a few turns.

Luocha's build also focuses on SPD and ATK stats, where Luocha's HP healing power is calculated based on the percentage of the ATK stat that a character like Otto Apocalypse from Honkai Impact 3rd has.

This is of course beneficial because it means the DMG produced by Luocha will be greater than other Healer characters.

Because you have to prioritize SPD too, Luocha's attack speed becomes greater and activates passive healing skills more quickly.

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honkai star rail healer character huohuo

Huohuo's overall healing is far above average for other Abundance characters.

Huohuo's skill can heal many characters while providing periodic healing outside of this character's turn.

Huohuo can also provide Energy Regeneration for characters using Ultimate and also an ATK buff from using Ultimate.

Compared to other Healer characters, the damage given by Huohuo is slightly less because the attacks are only from Normal Attacks.

But if you are looking for a flexible Healer, you can use it all teams, and as support for increasing attack DMG, you can choose Huohuo as the Healer character that you must get and of course it's free.

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bailu healer abundance honkai star rail

Bailu is a Healer character who probably fits the standard of Healer characters in general.

Bailu's Skills and Ultimates can provide large-scale healing to characters.

Apart from that, Bailu's passive ability, Invigoration, can passively increase the character's HP slowly.

The passive skill that makes Bailu superior is Bailu's ability to revive once a character who has died automatically.

As a character from the Standard Warp banner, of course you can get Bailu more easily than the Healer from the Limited banner.

You can exchange Bailu for free if you have rolled the Standard Gacha banner 300 times.

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Honkai Star Rail healer character Natasha

Are you a new player or F2P? Natasha could be the right choice of Healer character for your team.

You can get Natasha for free by completing the Mission "Lying in Rust". – This mission is the 11th part of the Trailblaze Mission chapter “In the Withering Wintry Night”.

Natasha's abilities are pretty good for a 4 star character that you can get for free.

Apart from that, if you get Natasha's 2nd Eidolon, Natasha's Skill ability is also capable of debuffing.


Honkai Star rail 4 star Lynx healer character

Lynx is another healer option that you can get for free if you have completed level 3 of the Pure Fiction event.

The younger brother of Gepard and Serval Landau has excellent abilities in healing characters.

Apart from that, Lynx can also increase the aggro of Preservation and Destruction characters. 

Aggro itself is the ability of Preservation and Destruction characters to become the focus of enemy attack targets which is beneficial for characters from this path.

Ultimate Lynx can also clear debuffs from enemies to all characters in your party.

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These are the abilities of the Healer Honkai Star Rail character, which Abundance character will you build or get? Make sure to top up Oneiric Shard at a trusted place, namely VCGamers Marketplace yes!

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