5 List of the Best Mobile Educational Games in 2024, Auto is Getting Smarter!

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Currently, there are lots of games made for mobile, everywhere games This can be played by children and even adults, including educational games.

Usually, those who often play these games are children, who still have to be supervised by their parents when playing games.

Therefore, the role of parents here is very important in choosing games that can educate children.

Actually, this educational game is not always played by children, but this game can also be played by adults.

For those of you who are looking for games, this article will provide game recommendations!

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List of the Best Educational Games

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Board Games (Source: Ashwal Academy Nairobi)

Below is a list of the best educational games in 2024 that can be played on smartphones Androids and iOS. What do you think?

Monument Valley II

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Monument Valley II (Source: Steam)

The best educational games that can be played on Android and iOS are Monument Valley II which was released on June 6 2017 by Ustwo Games.

Monument Valley II is a Puzzle and Adventure genre which offers a very cool and stunning graphic visual experience.

Here you will play two characters, namely Ro and his son, who will build an architectural structure with a shape plan that has been made previously.

Each level will be made with beautiful buildings and you will have to solve confusing puzzles.

One of the interesting things about this game is that it offers unique artistry with in-depth stories from the two characters.

The educational element will encourage you to improve your problem solving skills by solving difficult puzzles that will train their thinking.

Peak – Brain Games & Training

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Peak (Source: Peak.net)

The second best educational game is Peak – Brain Games & Training which was released on September 25 2014 by Brainbow Limited.

The genre of Peak – Brain Games & Training is education, puzzles and brain training which can be played on Android and iOS.

In terms of gameplay itself, Peak – Brain Games & Training offers lots of brain games to improve cognitive skills such as memory, creativity and language.

Here you can also choose daily activities that are tailored to the game you choose and present challenges to train their brains.

The unique thing about this game is that it has a variety of tasks and mini-games.

Apart from that, there are interesting features from Peak – Brain Games & Training which will help you train your brain.

Of course, for those of you who don't want to play alone. At Peak – Brain Games & Training you can play it multiplayer, you know!

Element education contained in Peak – Brain Games & Training focuses on tasks that can train the brain and design strategies and there are practice questions that can improve your cognitive skills.

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Toca Life World – Build a Story

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Toca Life World (Source: Toca Boca)

Next, the best educational game that can be played when you are confused is Toca Life World, which was released by Toca Boca on November 23 2018.

Toca Life World can be played on Android and iOS smartphones with a very exciting genre, namely Life Simulation and Education.

In the gameplay itself, players can go on adventures and interact with the characters in Toca Life World.

Of course, you can create your own story with the characters of their choice and combine various Toca Life sets.

Each set will have a certain theme, such as a house, school or even a playground.

What's unique about Toca Life World is that you can be as creative as possible to create your own game world and can explore the activities there to help your communication skills and creativity.

The educational elements in Toca Life World will invite you to be creative and imagine how to manage the virtual world.

Of course, here you can also interact, hone problem solving and organize with other characters.

Sago Mini World

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Sago Mini World (Source: Sago Mini)

The fourth best educational game is Sago Mini World which was released on June 13 2018 by Sago Mini.

This game genre is quite exciting because it is very interactive for children and educational and can be played on Android and iOS smartphones.

Sago Mini World is a series of interactive games for children that provide attractive visuals and graphics.

This Sago Mini World game will be very fun for children to play because it provides different games such as cooking, gardening and providing medical treatment.

Of course, children can go on adventures and interact with different objects and characters there.

The educational element in this game is that children can design their own games and can develop creativity and think critically to solve problems there.


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Kahoot! (Source: Tech and Learning)

Who has ever tried the Kahoot! at school? Maybe some of you have played this educational game.

Kahoot! was released in March 2013 and was developed and published by the same game developer, namely Kahoot!

For the Kahoot! This is an educational and interactive quiz that can be played on a smartphone Androids, iOS and browsers.

The gameplay itself presents interactive quizzes that allow you to participate in answering all the questions in the quiz using your smartphone.

Apart from that, this is usually used by teachers, lecturers and lecturers to present questions in the form of games that can be answered via smartphone by their students.

After the game is finished, it will display the scores of all participants who answered questions from the Kahoot! the.

Indirectly, this game provides an educational and very competitive learning experience for anyone who plays it.

The educational elements in the Kahoot! This will liven up the classroom atmosphere and increase children's learning motivation.

Apart from that, by playing Kahoot! This will increase understanding of concepts and strengthen cognitive skills from the challenges there.

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That's a list of the 5 best educational games in 2024 that can be played on Android and iOS. Which ones have you tried, huh?

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