Recommendations for the Best PC Games Like Civilization

A game similar to Civilization

If you are a fan Civilization, then you might be looking for recommendations for the best games like this game.

Civilization itself is a Turn Based Strategy game series created by designers games legendary Sid Meier.

The main goal of the game is to build an empire and maintain it as long as possible by various means, including by paths war.

For those of you who are looking for games with a similar genre and concept, here are recommendations for the best games like Civilization!

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Recommendations for the Best Games Like the Most Exciting Civilization

As a strategy game, Civilization has various rather complicated systems where every step you take can have a big influence on the empire you build.

You can build diplomatic relations with neighboring regions smoothly, but at certain times everything must end in war. It all depends on the strategy you choose!

For those of you who are looking for a game like Civilization, here are recommendations that you should try playing:

Crusader Kings III

A game similar to Civilization - Crusader King 3
Crusader King 3. Source: Steam

The first game recommendation is Crusader Kings III which was released by Paradox Interactive on September 1 2020.

Here you can choose your noble house and start building your kingdom by expanding your territory and defending it for generations to come.

You can diplomacy with neighboring kingdoms, send threatening letters, and even eliminate anyone who gets in your way.

Each character in this game also feels more alive with different habits and lifestyles that determine how they will act in the palace.

Not only does it involve important people from the kingdom, you can also choose to collaborate with NPC characters or betray them to make your plans run smoothly.


A game similar to Civilization - Total War: THREE Kingdom
Total War: THREE KINGDOMS. Source: Steam

One of the best games that is similar to Civilization is Total War: THREE KINGDOMS which raises the theme of epic conflicts from all over ancient China.

There are 12 legendary commanders that you can choose from to unite China under your rule and build a dynasty that can last for centuries.

You can recruit various heroic characters into your army to help you dominate your opponents.

With gameplay turnbased Combined with real-time combat, every action you take will have greater consequences and can affect the heroes around you.

Not only does it rely on gameplay, this game also displays charming visuals artwork authentic Chinese. Guaranteed, you will feel at home!


Game similar to Civilization - Humankind
Humankind. Source: Steam

humankind is a Turn-Based Strategy genre game that combines 60 cultures from ancient to modern eras in it.

In this game, you will play in several historical eras where you have to develop your own civilization with various interesting systems.

As the game progresses, you will get various resources that can be used to advance civilization.

You will play as a leader of a society. Humankind provides a lot of freedom to adjust the visuals of the characters according to what the player wants.

For those of you who don't like playing alone, this game offers a multiplayer feature that can accommodate up to 8 players.

Battle Brothers

Game similar to Civilization - Battle Brothers
Battle Brothers. Source: Steam

The next recommendation for the best game like Civilization is Battle Brothers which was developed and released by Overhype Studios in 2017.

No longer building an empire, you are now the leader of a company that hires medieval mercenaries.

You will determine where you will go, who you will recruit or fight and how you will train your troops so they can bring victory from the battlefield.

This game features a variety of unique equipment and weapons such as axes to destroy shields and mace hammers to damage the armor of opposing soldiers.

Every character in this game comes from a different background. Starting from a stuttering rat catcher to a drunken outcast, you can recruit everyone!

Solium Infernum

A game similar to Civilization - Solium Infernum
Solium Infernum. Source: Steam

The latest recommendation for the best game like Civilization is Solium Infernum, which was just released on February 23.

In this game you can play as one of eight Archfiends who must survive to secure the throne from Hell by facing 5 rivals in the process.

Like Civilization, this game also contains diplomatic and war elements where you can use various methods to get the crown from Hell's Dark Majesty.

You can command your troops to take over enemy territory, practice evil rituals and outwit enemies who stand in your way.

If you like Dark Fantasy concept games with a strong touch of politics and strategy, then Solium Infernum is the best choice!

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Well, that's the game recommendation turnbased strategy best like Civilization. From the list above, which one do you want to try?

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