The reason Balmond ML is more OP as a Jungler than EXP Laner

Balmond ML

Balmond is an ML fighter hero who has been around since Mobile Legends just released. At the end of December 2023, he just received a buff from Moonton and make it even more OP.

He is included in the ranks of old heroes who are quite feared this season 31. Not only because of his ultimate skill which has a wide range but also thanks to his second skill which cannot be canceled in any way.

As a fighter hero, Balmond should occupy the position Exp Lane to face fellow enemy fighters. But because his strength is increasingly OP, it's not surprising that many people play him to fill the jungler role. 

Actually, what is the reason why this old fighter hero is more suitable for the jungler role? For further information, see the following explanation!

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Reasons why Balmond ML is not suitable for EXP Laner

The Strongest Balmond Fighter
The Strongest Balmond Fighter. Source: Mobile Legends

The first reason that makes Balmond unsuitable for occupying EXP Lane is because he is weak in the early game.

To become strong and unrivaled in the Land of Dawn, he needs several items such as War Ax and Brute Force. So Balmond's current condition is less than optimal if he has to play in EXP Lane.

Then Balmond, who has to play in EXP Lane, will only focus on one opponent's hero. Even though this fighter hero's ultimate skill is very useful for helping the team fight. 

This second fact is actually not a natural weakness of his, but placing Balmond as an EXP Laner will make this hero's performance less than optimal.

Apart from that, by making him an EXP Laner, it will be difficult for this fighter to always take part in turtle contests in the early minutes. 

In fact fighter ML This one is suitable for occupying the EXP Lane position, but if you look at his potential this season, Balmond will be much more optimal as a jungler. 

The final reason that makes this ML fighter hero less suitable to occupy EXP Laner is because of the skill set factor. The reason is that Balmond's skill set focuses more on sustaining damage than crowd control. 

So this fighter is not suitable for controlling the lane or preventing opposing heroes from farming minions.

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Advantages as a Jungler

Balmond Jungler
Balmond – Savage Hunter (Source: Mobile Legends Fandom)

The reason Balmond is a fighter hero who is more suitable to be the first jungler is his fast farming ability. 

The Cyclone Sweep skill is the skill that best supports him in providing large area damage, making it easier for him to clear the jungle quickly. 

In this way, this fighter is able to gain levels and items faster than other heroes. Of course it would be a shame if the Cyclone Sweep skill was only for cleaning minions in EXP Lane.

Then the second reason that allows Balmond's performance to appear optimal is that the skill set he has is very suitable for teamfights. Soul Lock, Lethal Counter, and Cyclone Sweep are a combination of skill sets that make it easier for the team to get kills. 

Even when an enemy is about to run away from the team fight arena, this fighter only needs to direct his ultimate skill towards the enemy.

Balmond's ultimate skill has a wide and long range, making it very easy to catch fleeing enemies.

The next reason that makes Balmond's performance much more optimal when he is a jungler is his thick HP and high damage.

His Ultimate Skill, Lethal Counter, has huge burst damage so it can kill enemies in an instant.

How to play Balmond in ml
Balmond's second skill, Cyclone Sweep. Source: Gameplay Proplayer/Youtube

Apart from that, this fighter's regeneration ability cannot be underestimated, especially when using his passive skills.

Not to mention on patch updates Recently, Moonton has just given buffs to items War Ax and Brute Force which is his flagship item. This update really benefits this old fighter and several other heroes.

Not only that, in the latest Mobile Legends game update, Balmond's skill 2 really cannot be stopped.

Even when hit by a hook Franco, stunned Johnson or turning into Molina by Nana even though skill 2 will continue to spin and deal damage to enemies within range.

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