What are EXP Lanes? Check out the Explanation!

EXP Lane

What are EXP Lanes? Maybe there are still players Mobile Legends: Bang Bang beginners who don't know what EXP Lane is.

In this article, we will review this. So, it can help you to get information about EXP Lane.

It is known that there are three lanes in the Mobile Legends game. The three lanes are EXP Lane, Mid Lane and Gold Lane.

You can choose to go to one of the lanes while in the game.

However, you must choose a lane that matches the role of the hero you use in the game.

You also need to choose a lane that matches the abilities of your hero.

Choosing a lane in the Mobile Legends game does look simple.

You can decide to choose a lane randomly.

However, it can have an impact on a less than optimal game.

Because, you may not bring out the best potential of the hero in the game.

Apart from that, mistakes in choosing a lane can make you have the wrong strategy in the game.

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What are EXP Lanes?

Lane Mobile Legends solo rank

We will review what is meant by EXP lane.

EXP lane is one of the lanes in the Mobile Legends game.

For novice players, EXP lane is a lane inhabited by minions that carry EXP.

EXP is an acronym for Experience. Heroes who fight in this lane will get EXP.

So, when you eliminate the EXP-carrying minions it will make you level up quickly.

The heroes that are suitable for this lane are heroes with the role of Fighter.

when you use a hero with a fighter role, then you need to go to that lane. Especially, during the early game.

This will make your hero quickly level up and can optimize skills to eliminate opposing heroes.

The level that goes up on your hero will make him stronger while in the game.

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Heroes in the EXP Lane

Skin Benedetta
Skin Benedetta

There are a number of heroes that are very suitable for playing on the EXP lane.

You can use it to play in other places that are rich in EXP.

While in the game, you can get EXP just by eliminating minions on the lane.

The faster you eliminate the EXP-carrying minions, the faster you will level up.

Here are some heroes that are suitable for this lane.


Phoveus MLBB

The first hero recommendation that is suitable for guarding the EXP Lane and which we will review is Phoveus.

You need to raise the level of this hero to optimize the skills he has. Especially, if this hero is already level 4.

Phoveus will be hard to deal with when he's at that level.

The reason is, Phoveus is very suitable to be in that lane because he has high defense.

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Mid Lane Heroes
Yu Zhong

The next hero that fits in the EXP lane is Yu Zhong.

Yu Zhong is perfect for playing in that lane because he has a passive lifesteal.

So, it will make it difficult to be eliminated in the early game and mid game.

It would be more optimal when Yu Zhong had leveled up.

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hero dash ml benedetta

The next hero is Benedetta. He is perfect for you to play on EXP Lane.

You can optimize the game passively from this hero.

This hero can level up before enemies with skill 1. This can be done quickly.

Opposing teams will have a hard time eliminating Benedetta when she is in the lane. Because, the level of this hero can increase faster than the other heroes he faces.

Take advantage of the skills that this hero has. In addition, select Benedetta's hurt build item.

So, you can really take advantage of the potential of this hero.

Besides that, you also have to be able to play well. Namely, by paying attention to the right time to attack and defend.

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The Painful Lapu-Lapu Build

Lapu-lapu is also one of the suitable heroes in that lane. Because, he has a passive skill that makes him have a good defense.

You can use this hero to compete on that lane to quickly level up.

He can deal great damage to opposing heroes. In addition, he can survive for a relatively long time when in battle.

He also has high speed in the game. Moreover, in terms of eliminating EXP carrier minions.

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hero dash ml chou

Chou also fits in this lane. Moreover, with the skills he has.

This hero has consecutive damage and can help eliminate minions.

Chou needs to level up in battle. You have to make sure that the level of this hero will quickly rise while fighting in the Land of Dawn.

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You can get it by cutting lane. So, the level of this hero will rise faster.

But don't forget, you also have to equip this hero with the hurt Chou build item. You need that to optimize the skills he has.

Apart from that, you can also play it to the fullest while in the game.

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