Listen! Types of Border Mobile Legends and How to Get Them

border mobile legends

Borders Mobile Legends maybe you rarely talk deep battle game this.

Even though it doesn't really function in battle or as your strength, this border is actually of interest to players.

By using a border on your profile, it will make your profile look very cool.

Border Mobile Legends itself also has many types depending on which border it is obtained from.

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What are Borders and Their Functions?

border mobile legends what is a border
Various Mobile Legends Borders

Border Mobile Legends itself is a frame around your Mobile Legends avatar.

Your avatar or profile photo is on the left games where do you usually set with your favorite hero or hero.

The sources for getting this border vary by having a certain level of difficulty.

 Usually from events such as Christmas, Halloween, First Purchase, and so on.

The type of border and the rarity of the border for you to have is usually adjusted accordingly events ongoing.

The amount events in Mobile Legends will give you the opportunity to have various types of rare and cool borders.

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How to Get Rare Mobile Legends Border

border mobile legends how to get border
Claim Borders

The easiest way to get various ML borders especially if they are rare or limited is to play events ongoing.

Usually there will be various missions in events certain things that you have to complete to get this Mobile Legends border.

You can also make payments or top up to buy certain Mobile Legends borders.

The price offered by Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends is quite affordable compared to the items on the website games other.

You can get a border starting from Rp. 10,000 depending on rarity events the. But there are some borders that have to spend a lot of money.

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Types of Mobile Legends Borders You Can Get

The type of Mobile Legends border that you can get depends on several types events different that gives the border.

The following are all types of Mobile Legends borders that you can get and collect while playing games:

Border Mobile Legends Collectibles

border mobile legends collectibles
Border Mobile Legends Collectibles

Border Mobile Legends Collectibles is one of the borders that you can get without spending too much money.

You will automatically get this border when you have reached it rank Myhtic.

You can easily check whether you have got this border in the Avatar Border menu.

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Border Events Limited

border mobile legends spring holidays
Border Event Spring Holidays

The event border as the name implies is a border that you can only get from events.

The event in question is like events Christmas, collabs, Halloween, and more. Time for you to get the Mobile Legends border from events it is very limited.

You can only get it during the duration events usually requiring the completion of certain missions.

If you don't have time to get it, chances are you can only bother events was held again.

However events like collaboration with certain characters are likely to be difficult to repeat so you have to get a special border as soon as possible events for the duration of the event. 

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Hero Character Border Skins

border mobile legends gusion
Border Skin Gusion

Skin border is a border that you get only when you have one skins of these heroes.

This means that you can only get this border together with the purchase skins. Of course the money you have to spend to get this border is also very large. 

Usually the hero character skins of Mobile Legends have an average of 2 to 3 different skin types and even more. 

To get skins You must have at least 3 to 5 of these borders skins that character. 

For example, you can buy Legend skins like Saber Codename Storm or Alucard Obsidian Blade to get a special Border from that skin hero.

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Community Avatar Border

border mobile legends stardom
Stardom, One of the Border Communities

This border is probably the rarest you can get. This Border Community is only shared by Moonton for players who are active in the MLBB community.

You can earn borders this is just from giveaway where the Community Avatar Border is the MLBB Border which is used as a prize for active players.

Usually players who can get this border are Influencers who have a lot of MLBB content or who play an active role for MLBB outside games.

Generally there will be events outside games which is held. You can participate through several official MLBB social media.


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