3 ML Hero Words That Are Interrelated!

3 ML Hero Words That Are the Same

Maybe there are many more Vicigers Those here who haven't noticed that many ML heroes' words are in response to each other!

Yes, every hero in the game Mobile Legends have their own words. These words describe their character and persona as heroes.

Apart from that, the words spoken by each hero are also in accordance with the background of these heroes.

For more details, let's look at the full review first!

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3 ML Hero Words That Are Interrelated

If you follow the stories that the heroes have Mobile Legends, you must understand that each of them has their own storyline. Often these are related to each other.

Good sibling relationship, like Guinevere and Lancelot; love triangle, like Hanabi, Kagura, and Hayabusa; or mortal enemies, like Franco and Bane. This all certainly provides excitement in playing.

However, the existence of the story and lore is not just a 'gimmick', but also brings additional features. One of them is the presence of a voice line which is made to sound like you are having a conversation.

The following are 3 pairs of heroes with voice lines that respond to each other. Make sure to listen to their conversation the next time you use these heroes!

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Khufra and Esmeralda

Esmeralda and Khufra
Esmeralda and Khufra. Source: Official Site


One team voice line:

  • “My kindness gets the best of me.” (“My goodness always defeats me.”)
  • “Let us share this momentary bliss.” (“Let's enjoy this tranquility together.”)

Opponent team's Voice Line:

  • “Your fate has been sealed!” (“Your destiny has been decided!”)
  • "The underworld is your fate!" (“Hell is your destiny”)


One team voice line:

  • "The whole world is mine, except for you." (“The whole world is mine, except you.”)
  • “Rise with me on the battlefield!” (“Rise with me on the battlefield!”)

Opponent team's Voice Line:

  • “Stop your pestilence! Just surrender!” (“Stop right there! Give up!”)
  • "I hope you surrender, for your own sake." (“It's best to give up, for your own good.”)

Odette and Lancelot

Lancelot and Odette
Lancelot and Odette. Source: Official Site


Remains active even if there is no Lancelot in the match:

  • "Maybe I'll find Lancelot at the next corner." (Perhaps I will meet Lancelot soon.”)
  • “Lancelot, I feel cold…” (“Lancelot… Cold…”)

If one team:

  • “It's nice to have you by my side, Lancelot.” (“I am very lucky to have you by my side, Lancelot.”)
  • "My dear Lancelot, thy eternal summer shall not fade." (My Lancelot, our eternal love will never fade.”)

If different teams:

  • "Oh Lancelot, my star-crossed lover." (Oh my beloved, Lancelot.”)
  • "If you see me fighting Lancelot, don't worry, it's just a lovers quarrell." (If you see me fighting Lancelot, don't worry, it's just a fight between lovers.")


Stay active even if there is no Odette in the match:

  • "For my beloved Odette..." ("For my beloved, Odette")
  • “Odette, beautiful Odette…” (“Odette, my beautiful Odette.”)

If one team:

  • “Dear Odette, your chevalier has arrived!” (“My beloved Odette! I will unsheathe the sword in your name!”)

If different teams:

  • “We are such a star-crossed pair.” (We are an unlucky pair of lovers.”)

Cecilion and Carmilla

Cecilion and Carmilla
Cecilion and Carmilla. Source: Official Site


Stay active even if Carmilla is not in the match:

  • “So cold and pale is the moonlight, and my Carmilla.” (“The moonlight is so cold and pale, like my Carmilla.”)
  • “My Carmilla, why are you so cold and pale? Just like the moonlight.” (“My Carmilla, why are you so cold and pale? Like the moonlight.”)

If there is Carmilla (even if they are on the same team or against each other):

  • “The curtain of the show is drawn.” (“The curtain on the show has opened.”)
  •  "I fear nothing with you in my heart." (“I'm not afraid of anything as long as you're in my heart.”)
  •  “Hey! Be gentle to ladies.” (“Hey! Don't be rude to women.”)
  •  "You make me forget time instead." (“You can make me forget time.”)


Stay active even if there is no Cecillion in the match:

  • “No one is more sincere than Cecilion.” (“No one is more sincere than Cecilion”)

If there is Cecilion (even if they are on the same team or against each other):

  • “[laughs] The show is lacking some blood!” (“[laughs] This show is short on blood!”)
  •  “No one could hurt me when I'm in your heart.” (“Nothing can hurt me when I'm in your heart.”)
  •  “Time… devours all but you.” (“Time… devours everything, except you.”)
  •  "Well, since he doesn't need to know anymore." (“Yeah, it looks like he doesn't need to be told anymore.”)
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