Recommendations for the Worst Franco MLBB Build 2024

Franco is one of the most popular Tank heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. So, this time the author will discuss recommendations for the 2024 sickest Franco build that you can use.

This hero has a very deadly hook ability, so it can be used to gank opponents easily.

Apart from that, Franco also has quite a lot of damage, so he can act as a semi-carry hero.

To maximize Franco's abilities, you need the right build items. The right item build will make Franco a strong hero, both in terms of durability and damage.

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Franco's skills

Franco's sickest build 2024

Before moving on to the item build, we will first discuss Franco's skills. Why should it be like that? So that we can know and master this hero's skills.

By knowing his skills, we can know what is needed to optimize this hero.

Apart from that, we can also find out what the weaknesses are and what items are most suitable to overcome them.

It doesn't stop there, you can also determine the best time to start attacking and defending. Also, what skills should be used first.

If so, then we can know how to use Franco correctly.

Wasteland Force (Passive)

Movement Speed will increase by 10% and will restore 1% of the maximum HP this hero has per second if he takes damage.

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Skill 1 – Iron Hook

Skill 1 Franco will issue an Iron Hook to a predetermined area and will attract approaching opponents or enemies. This skill can make +100% total Physical Attack and 550 Physical Damage.

If your pull is right, then one team's hero can eliminate the opposing hero easily. Moreover, if you continue with Franco's ultimate skill.

Skill 2 – Fury Shock

Deals Physical Damage 300+4% from maximum HP to enemies hit by Franco's attack. Futy Shock can also make the 70% slow effect for 1.5 seconds.

So, enemy movements become slower and you or your team's heroes can attack them easily.

Ultimate – Bloody Hunt

The third skill of the hero Franco is a shock effect on the opponent for 1.8 seconds. Then it will attack 6 times in a row and will produce 70 Physical Attack and also 60 Physical Damage.

This skill is really suitable for you to use after successfully attracting your opponent's hero using Iron Hook.

When this skill successfully hits the opponent, the hero will automatically be unable to move.

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The Worst Franco Build 2024

Iron Hook Franco. Source: YouTube

It's time for us to discuss Franco's build items. This item can optimize Franco's skills and overcome his weaknesses in the game.

You can use this item recommendation when the opposing team uses Franco. Come on, take a look at the recommendations for the sickest Franco items in 2024.

Rapid Boots

The first item that must be used when using the hero Franco is Rapid Boot which functions to add +80 movement SPD.

Apart from that, roaming items when the enemy is near Franco will activate the movement speed of one team's heroes, increasing 30% to 70% for 5 seconds.

Dominance Ice

An additional mana of 70 can be obtained when using this Dominance Ice item. This item is very useful, considering that Franco is a hero who is quite wasteful in using mana.

Movement speed up to 5% can also be added to increase the hero's agility in chasing or avoiding enemies.

Another attribute that can be obtained is Cooldown Reduction of 10%, the passive for Arctic Cold can reduce the enemy's Shield and HP Regen by 50% and 30% Attack Speed.

Thunder Belt

This Thunder Belt item can increase durability and can have a deadly effect on enemies.

This item can add 800 HP, 10% Cooldown Reduction, 6 Mana Regen, and also Physical Defense.

The unique passive in the form of Thunderbolt can also provide 50 damage and additional HP to the opponent's hero, a maximum of 5%, a slow effect of 40-80% for 1 second.


The next item you need to have is Orecle. This item is very suitable if used on Franco because it can provide a passive effect that is in sync with Franco's passive skills.

HP of 850 and 42 Magic Defense can be added to Franco. Not only that, there is also an additional 10% Cooldown Reduction. The passive ability, namely Bless, can add 30% HO Regend and Shield Absorption.

Athena's Shield

Hero Franco also needs a Defense item, Athena's Shield can be a suitable item to defend against typical Magic attacks.

The Athena's Shield item will provide an additional 900 HP, 2 HP Regend, and 62 Magical Defense on this hero.


The last Franco item in 2024 is Immortality. This item has a unique passive in the form of Immortal which can revive the hero after being eliminated for 2.5 seconds.

After that, you can continue to attack and also destroy your opponent's tower to win the game.

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So that's the sickest Franco build for 2024 that you can use. By using the sickest Franco build in 2024 Mobile Legends, you can become a very strong and deadly hero. Franco can be a serious threat to opponents, especially in teamfights.

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