How to Increase ML Credit Score Without Playing

How to increase your ML credit score without playing and also other tips so that those of you who commit violations can quickly push your rank again!
How to increase your ML credit score without playing
How to increase your ML credit score without playing. Source: Official Site

How to increase your ML credit score without playing?! Is that possible? Eits, of course you can. In fact, this is really useful for those of you who are often toxic, troll, AFK, and also play bad/Bronze.

Yep, a decrease in credit score can be caused by many things. However, to add it you don't just have to play. So, here VCGamers recommends complete tips on how to increase your ML credit score!

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ML Credit Score and Punishment System

ML Credit Score System
ML Credit Score System. Source: Official Site

As is known, the credit score system itself was designed Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends as an effort to overcome various playing violations.

This system is present as a "safety net" for MLBB fans at whatever level they are at. However, in practice, the credit score itself only appears as a fine rather than being fatal.

So now losing your credit score is not a threat to anyone. Especially if the offense given is only "limited" to being toxic.

It's not surprising that Moonton then implemented multiple layers of punishment to combat this behavior: muting for days or even weeks.

Meanwhile, for more serious violations such as frequent AFK or even exploit bugs or cheating, you can be subject to a permanent account ban!

Not only that, to increase credit scores for those who have committed violations, Moonton also implements a restriction scheme. This applies to the weight of the offense converted as a percentage.

Like toxic for example, this is generally given the weight of violation 1%. Meanwhile, for playing badly, feeding, and trolling, a weight of 3% is charged. And for AFK and much more serious violations, get ≥ 6%.

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3 Ways to Increase ML Credit Score

How to Increase Your Credit Score
How to Increase Your Credit Score. Source: Official Site

Disclaimer first, apart from later the author will include ways to add credit scores without having to play, here we will also list several other methods.

The hope is that for those of you who want to quickly push rank again and are hampered by a lack of credit score, you can recover quickly. Here are some tips:

3. Play 5v5 apart from ranked mode

Generally, when your credit score decreases in such a way, ranked mode will be blocked. This is a step taken by the system as punishment for those of you who are deemed to be detrimental to other players.

Therefore, to recover it, the most common way to do it is to play 5v5 apart from ranked mode. You can choose Classic, Brawl or Vs. AI, so that later the credit score can be collected again.

2. Addition limit adjustment

Eits, make no mistake! Even though the method above is widely used, it doesn't mean you can "atone for your sins" just by playing spam. Credit score additions also need to be adjusted based on the magnitude of the violation.

The more serious the violation, the smaller the daily credit score that can be achieved. If you have fulfilled your daily quota, this is a sign that the addition has been successful and you have to wait until the next day.

1. How to increase your ML credit score without playing: daily login

And this last way is what you can do to get a credit score without playing: log in daily. Yep, every day, each player has an automatic credit core addition.

This is obtained without having to do anything. Just by logging in, your credit score will increase

But make sure you only rely on this method when you are really busy so it's not possible to play.

Because if not, for those of you whose ranked mode is blocked, it will take a long time to collect your credit score. Yep, the free daily allowance given by Moonton is not too much.

Distribution of Credit Score Points
Distribution of Credit Score Points. Source: Official Site
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