Best Armor for Each Class in Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma 2 has a wide variety of armor with unique characteristics. The armor you choose must match your character class.
Dragon's Dogma 2 best armor
Best armor Dragon's Dogma 2. Source: KhrazeGaming/Youtube

Dragon's Dogma 2 has a wide variety of armor with unique characteristics. The armor you choose must match your character class.

Character class in Dragon's Dogma 2 called Vocation which consists of three types, namely Basic Vocation, Advanced Vocation, and Hybrid Vocation.

This time, we will discuss the best armor for each class in the game Dragon's Dogma 2. What is the list?

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Best Dragon's Dogma 2 Armor for Every Class

Each armor in Dragon's Dogma has its own unique user. There are some armors that can be used by more than two classes, but there are also specific ones that are most suitable for one class only.

Are you looking for the best armor for your character? The following is the best armor that you can use in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Stygian Omen (Fighter)

Dragon's Dogma 2 armor - Stygian Omen
Stygian Omen Armor. Source: KhrazeGaming/Youtube

For Fighter class users, this armor is the best choice to increase their defense.

Stygian Omen can provide an additional 200 Defense, 85 Magick Defense, and 15% Resistance to Blighted, Sleep, and Silence effects.

How do you get this armor? You can get Stygian Omen by buying it at Bay Wayside Shrine.

Enshadowed Battle Garb (Thief)

Dragon's Dogma 2 armor - Enshadowed Battle Garb
Armor Enshadowed Battle Garb. Source: KhrazeGaming/Youtube

The Enshadowed Battle Garb can only be obtained towards the end of the game. This armor is actually quite difficult for a Thief to get, but it is worth it.

Enshadowed Battle Garb offers 195 Defense, 130 Magick Defense, and Resistance to Drenched and Tarred effects of 5%.

The characteristics of the Thief class double dagger weapon are also suitable to be paired with this armor. Make sure you get it before the game ends!

You can get this armor by defeating Gorechimera in Unmoored World or by buying it at Brokkr's Smithy.

Sacral Robe (Mage)

Dragon's Dogma 2 armor - Sacral Robe armor
Sacral Robe Armor. Source: KhrazeGaming/Youtube

For the Mage class, the Sacral Robe is the best armor that can be used towards the end of the game. This armor offers high defensive stats with good effect immunity.

Sacral Robe will provide an additional 150 Defense, 185 Magick Defense, and Resistance of 5% on five effects, namely Fire, Ice, Lightning, Blighted, and Silence.

The Silence effect is quite dangerous for Mages because they have to make noise to cast spells, therefore the Sacral Robe is the best armor choice.

You can get this armor when you enter the final part of the game by exchanging 70 Wyrmslife Crystals.

Heroic Coat (Archer)

Dragon's Dogma 2 armor - Heroic Coat
Heroic Coat Armor. Source: KhrazeGaming/Youtube

Archer classes who are long-range attackers can take some advantage of the Heroic Coat armor.

This is because apart from having 180 Defense and 138 Magick Defense, this armor can also reduce the effects of Blighted and Sleep which are dangerous for Archers by 10%.

You can get the Heroic Coat at Wayside Shrine by exchanging 70 Wyrmslife Crystals at the end of the game.

Silhouette of Sorcery (Sorcerer)

Dragon's Dogma 2 armor - Silhoutte of Sorcery
Armor Silhoutte of Sorcery. Source: KhrazeGaming/Youtube

If you are a Sorcerer class user, then the best armor you can choose is Silhoutte of Sorcery. This armor can also be used by the Mystic Spearhands class.

Silhoutte of Sorcery provides 145 Defense with a very high Magick Defense percentage reaching 205 points.

Apart from that, this armor can help Sorcerers reduce the effects of Blighted and Lightning by 10%. You can get the Silhoutte of Sorcery at Bay Wayside Shrine.

Vashara Scaleskin (Warrior)

Dragon's Dogma 2 armor - Vashara Scaleskin
Vashara Scaleskin armor. Source: KhrazeGaming/Youtube

Vashara Scaleskin is one of the armors that has the highest Defense points in Dragon's Dogma 2, namely 220.

Therefore, this armor is more suitable for the Warrior class than the Stygian Omen. Even though it has high Defense points, unfortunately this armor's Magick Defense is very low, only 79.

However, for Warriors who frequently receive Physical Attacks, of course Vashara Scaleskin is the best choice at the moment. Moreover, this armor has resistance to the elements of Fire and Lightning.

Resonance Armor (Magic Archer)

Dragon's Dogma 2 armor - Armor Resonance
Armor Resonance. Source: KhrazeGaming/Youtube

This armor has a balanced Defense level for the Magick Archer class. This is because this class uses long-range attacks.

Resonance Armor increases Defense by 155 and Magick Defense by 164. Another advantage, this armor has a high level of Resistance to many elements.

The resistance level is 10% for the Fire, Ice and Lightning elements. Meanwhile, the resistance level for the Burning and Frozen effects is 20% respectively.

Just like most of the armor on this list, you can also get Resonance Armor at Bay Wayside Shrine.

Elegant Petticoat (Mystic Spearhand)

Dragon's Dogma 2 armor - Elegant Petticoat
Elegant Petticoat Armor. Source: Fredchuckdave/Youtube

For users of the Mystic Spearhand class, Elegant Petticoat offers the perfect level of Defense and Magick Defense for this class.

Each Defense and Magick Defense will increase by 160 with Resistance of 10% to the Blighted effect.

Although there are some armors that have higher Defense or Magick Defense points, the Elegant Petticoat is the most balanced.

If you are interested in wearing it, you can get this armor by visiting Zachary at the Excavation Site.

Charming Corset (Warfarer)

Dragon's Dogma 2 armor - Charming Corset
Charming Corset Armor. Source: Fredchuckdave/Youtube

Players can use the Charming Corset in conjunction with various types of weapons, suitable for Arisen's playing style.

Even though this armor is a reward from a mission, the increase in Defense and Magick Defense it provides is extremely high.

Charming Corset increases 300 Defense and 280 Magick Defense with Resistance of 5% for Ice and Lightning elements.

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So, that's the list of the best armor in Dragon's Dogma 2 for each class. Hopefully this article can help you find suitable armor, OK?

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