Full Profile of Beautiful Gamer Kayes Onic, So Cute!

Onic Kayes is one of the beautiful gamers who is the idol of gamers in Indonesia. She really has a beauty that amazes men.
Onic Kayes with the MPL Cup
Source: Blibli.com

For players Mobile Legends, who doesn't know Kayes Onic. She is a beautiful gamer who is now an idol for boys.

The complete profile of the beautiful gamer Kayes is now much sought after by Esports fans. This woman is one of the brand ambassadors for the eSports team in Indonesia, namely ONIC.

Before becoming an ONIC Esports ambassador, he was a TikTok celebrity with millions of followers. He himself is known for always sharing exciting content on his platform.

So it's no wonder that she joined BA ONIC and is crazy about their beautiful faces. Since joining ONIC, his followers on social networks have also flooded new followers. 

Kayes' full name is Kharisma Cahya Putri. The following is the complete profile of this beautiful gamer.

Full Profile of Kayes Onic

ONIC Kayes
Source: Blibli.com

The ONIC esports team is known to have many brand ambassadors with attractive appearances. One of them is also ONIC Kayes or Kharisma Cahya Putri.

Before becoming a Yellow Hedgehog brand ambassador, he was first known as a TikTok celeb. He often creates TikTok dance content just to share his daily videos with sound which are now viral on Chinese social media platforms. 

However, her beautiful face is actually the main attraction, so it's no wonder that the audience is always ogled by millions of people. He reported as part of ONIC Esports in May 2021 through his Instagram account @ewkharis.

After that, more and more people were curious about the number, especially players from the esports world. Since he is a brand ambassador for an esports team, he is always content to play by himself.

Full name Charisma Cahya Putri
Stage name ONIC Kayes
Nickname Kayes
Place and date of birth Bandung, West Java, 13 May 2003 
Religion Islam
Status Marry
Citizenship Indonesia
Education Bandung City Space High School
Social Media Accounts Twitter: @ewkharis/ TikTok: @yourrkayesss/ Instagram: @yourrkayesss
Favorite Games Pou and The Sims
Height 148 cm

After reading his entire profile, you should know about his career with the following unique facts about Kayers!

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Unique Facts and Interesting Things about ONIC Kayes

Onic Kayes x AE Celliboy
Source: YouTube

There are several unique and interesting things from Kayes ONIC to discuss. These facts include the following:

Becoming a BA since high school

Kayes has been an ONIC Brand Ambassador since he was still in high school. Thanks to his persistence in managing social media since he was in high school, Kayes already has a lot of followers.

Thanks to his talent, the Esports team has been interested in recruiting Kayes since 2021 when he was still in the 3rd year of high school.

Kayes Marries Pro Player ML

Kayes is married to an ML Pro player from the Alter Ego team. When they got married, they were both relatively young, namely 20 years old. When the wedding video spread on social media, many people didn't expect it.

Kayes and AE's wedding Celiboy attended by fellow TikTok celebrities, Alter Ego and other ONIC Brand Ambassadors.

Has millions of followers

When he just joined BA ONIC, Kayes only had 1 million followers on social media. However, during his time at ONIC, his followers increased drastically to 7.2 million on TikTok. Meanwhile, Instagram accounts have now reached 2.9 million.

BA ML who doesn't like playing ML

Before joining ONIC Esport, it was reported that Kayes could not play Mobile Legend. Kayes is more interested in playing Pou and The Sims games than Mobile Legends.

Even so, he is always learning to play Mobile Legends. Now Kayes is even better at playing ML than when he first joined.

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Kayes Onic Earnings 

Source: YouTube RI Struggle

A beautiful and funny ambassador of the Onic team, Kayes talks about the monthly income she earns. In a video uploaded to YouTube by AH PODCAST, Onic Kayes describes his monthly income and the responsibilities he has to fulfill.

And it turns out that Onic Kayes now has to spend a lot of time playing his part. Especially during live broadcasts or live streaming.

Onic Kayes has his own way of quickly achieving this goal. In one day, he could spend a lot of time playing games. Can be up to 6 hours in one day. 

From live streaming, he admits that he can get three digits or 30 million in a month. It was a very large number for her so young. In fact, not only that.

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He also still gets a salary from himself being a BA Onic. Of course, the salary he gets is not cheap. If multiplied by the results of YouTube, Tik Tok, and Instagram. He can earn up to hundreds of millions in a month. A very large number is not it?

The popularity of ONIC Esports is no longer in doubt. This will certainly affect the fate of some of his talents. Nowadays, not only ONIC players, including their brand ambassadors, are famous for their beauty.

Kayes is indeed one that attracts the attention of sports fans in the country. Her cute face with charming dimples, Kayes' beauty is unforgettable.

If you want to learn more about ONIC Kayes. You can follow them or just be curious about their social media accounts. On Instagram you will find ONIC Kayes with the account @ewkharis. Instagram is now followed by 1.9 million Instagram users.

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