40 Download Links for the Latest Cool BUSSID Truck Mod

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Indonesian Bus Simulator players (BUSSID) Many people have downloaded vehicle mods such as cars, motorbikes, buses and trucks. However, one mod that is not commonly downloaded by players is the BUSSID truck mod.

This BUSSID truck mod provides canter trucks, fuso, heavy load, hino, swerving trucks and under lights.

As one of the bus simulator games which is most popular with players throughout Indonesia, this game always has something to offer.

One of them is presenting mods and liveries to keep the game exciting.

So, if you want to get a different experience playing the BUSSID game, there are a number of truck mods that you can download.

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BUSSID Truck Mod

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(Source: VIVO News)

Maybe for those of you who don't know, the BUSSID truck mod is a file that has the .bussidvechile (old) and .bussidmod (modern) file formats to display the vehicles in BUSSID.

This mod file will change all vehicle elements in the BUSSID game, such as trucks.

Later this file will input the Mod file into the BUSSID games data to be applied to the vehicle.

By using the BUSSID truck Mod, of course it will give players the playing experience of driving various trucks in Indonesia, such as Isuzu trucks, Fuso trucks, container trucks and canter trucks.

There is a livery that can make your truck look even more attractive, plus a telolet mod that can make you feel like you are really driving a typical Indonesian truck.

The process of installing the Mod is very easy, especially for beginners, because the application already has an "Import Mod" feature games.

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BUSSID Truck Mod Download Link

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Truck BUSSID (Source: Otosia.com)

According to modbussid, tech side, and freaking out, below is a list of BUSSID truck mods that you can download and use, namely:

  1. Mod BUSSID Truck Hino Lohan 6×4 HT Lowbed 2 Axle: download here.
  2. Mod BUSSID Truck MAN TGS Trailer Dolly Oversize: download here.
  3. BUSSID Truck Hino Dutro Kalimantan Mod: download here.
  4. BUSSID Truck Hino 500 Bak Dropside Mod: download here.
  5. BUSSID Concrete Transport Trailer Truck Mod: download here.
  6. BUSSID Truck Ragasa V4 Mod: download here.
  7. BUSSID Concrete Transport Trailer Truck Mod: download here.
  8. BUSSID Mighty Tank Truck Mod: download here.
  9. BUSSID Truck UD Quester Box Thermo King Mod: download here.
  10. BUSSID Truck 500 Hino Losbak Mod Building Material Load: download here.
  11. BUSSID Truck Hino Dutro Manja Racing Mod: download here.
  12. BUSSID Truck Canter Thailook Contest Mod: download here.
  13. Mod BUSSID Truck Canter My Friend BKJ Contest: download here.
  14. BUSSID Truck Tawakal 4 Mod: download here.
  15. BUSSID Truck Fuso Fighter FK Karoseri Mod: download here.
  16. BUSSID Truck Fuso FN Mod Motor Load: download here.
  17. BUSSID Truck Mercy Arocs Box Mod: download here.
  18. BUSSID Truck Canter Anti Gossip Mod Full Variations: download here.
  19. BUSSID Truck Canter Bumper M18 Mod: download here.
  20. Mod BUSSID Canter Uncle Santri Loads Gayor: download here.
  21. BUSSID Truck Fuso Fighter-X FN62 Dump Mod: download here.
  22. BUSSID Truck Canter Custom 21 Mod: download here.
  23. BUSSID Truck Mercy Arocs Wingbox Mod: download here.
  24. BUSSID Truck Hino 500 Trailer Car Carrier Mod: Download here.
  25. BUSSID Truck UD Quon CPO Tank Mod: download here.
  26. BUSSID Truck Hino Ranger Standard Crank Mod: download here.
  27. BUSSID Truck UD Nissan Diesel Dump Mod: download here.
  28. BUSSID Truck Hino 500 Lohan Wingbox Mod: download here.
  29. Mod BUSSID Truck Shaking Isuzu NMR71 Custom 7: download here.
  30. BUSSID Truck Hino 700 UD Quon Selfloader Mod: download here.
  31. BUSSID Truck Fuso SG-V Trailer Mod: download here.
  32. BUSSID Truck Canter Wahyu Abadi V1 Mod: download here.
  33. BUSSID Truck Oleng Canter Ghaisan Mod: download here.
  34. BUSSID Truck Hino Fellena Trinton Mod: download here.
  35. BUSSID Truck Isuzu Bussid Giga Deca Dropside Mod: download here.
  36. Mod BUSSID Truck Canter Mr. Jongol: download here.
  37. Mod BUSSID Truck Canter Tarpaulin Triangle Raja Insun: download here.
  38. BUSSID Truck Isuzu NKR Triangular Tarpaulin Mod: download here.
  39. Mod BUSSID Truck Canter Bandar Susu 99 Tarpaulin Boxes: download here.
  40. BUSSID Truck Canter White Goose Half Tarpaulin Mod: download here.
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How to Install the BUSSID Truck Mod

download bussid truck mod (3)
Truck BUSSID (Source: birajohja.id)

The following is how to install the BUSSID Truck Mod that you have downloaded, namely:

  • First, Download MOD Bussid Truck-you first;
  • When it has been downloaded, open it FileManager (Android only);
  • Open Internal Storage;
  • Search and Open Download Folder;
  • Later there will be BUSSID Truck Mod which have been downloaded there;
  • Copy MOD BUSSID which have been downloaded;
  • After that, log in BUSSID Folder;
  • Open Mods Folder;
  • Then, Paste the file BUSSID mod the;
  • Go out from FileManager and Open games Indonesian Bus Simulator;
  • If you haven't logged in, Login first;
  • Entered into Garage Menu;
  • Choose Vehicle (Truck);
  • Wait until the Vehicle appears.
  • Stay Install;
  • Done.
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So, those are the recommendations for the BUSSID Truck Mod that you can download and use, to make playing even more exciting.

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