RRQ Hoshi will make a major roster overhaul

RRQ Hoshi will make a major roster overhaul for the upcoming Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia Season 14.

RRQ Hoshi will make a major roster overhaul for the upcoming Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia Season 14. This was stated by the Co Founder & CEO of RRQ, Andrian Pauline.

The man who is known as Pak AP said this following Vren and Brusko who had farewelled or left the team.

Through the comments column on his Instagram account post, Mr. AP confirmed that the farewell of a number of rosters was part of the strategy to tidy up RRQ.

He realized that the decision to farewell Vren and Brusko would present pros and cons because it could not make all parties happy.

However, he is open to receiving input, criticism and suggestions regarding the decision to farewell the roster who have played in MPL ID Season 13.

"I can't please everyone. I want to try to fix RRQ, if you want to criticize, please, if you want to hate, please. "Those who want to support me, please, those who don't want to support it, that's okay," he said in the comments column on his post.

He admitted that he only wanted RRQ to be better than before. "I just want RRQ to be even better," he said.

In RRQ's upload regarding Brusko's farewell, there were a number of comments from netizens accusing the team of not trusting the process because they replaced players who had just joined.

However, Mr AP stated that his team believed in the process of the pro players. He also asked netizens to see the team composition in the upcoming MPL ID Season 14.

“Trust the process?? Yes, you will see the S14 lineup later, believe it or not. "We wish Vren Brusko the best," he said.

Finally, he confirmed that RRQ would overhaul its roster on a large scale.

"There are still many who will farewell at RRQ, just get ready guys for a big overhaul," he said.

Previously, Brusko farewell from RRQ. This pro player from the Philippines apologized if his presence did not meet the expectations of many parties.

He admitted that he would practice and play harder and implement the knowledge and experience gained while joining RRQ.

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