Saying goodbye to RRQ Hoshi, Brusko apologizes for not meeting expectations

Brusko apologized for not being able to meet expectations during his time at RRQ Hoshi recently.
RRQ Brusko
Brusko with Roster RRQ Hoshi. Source: YouTube/Team RRQ

Borris “Brusko” Parro or RRQ Brusko officially said goodbye to RRQ Hoshi. This was announced via the RRQ YouTube channel yesterday, Monday, June 17 2024.

RRQ team roamers who are taking part in Games of The Future 2024 and MPL Indonesia Season 13 have to lift their suitcases from the team.

What are Brsuko's plans and what does he want in the future? Come on, let's look at the review!

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RRQ Brusko Farewell

RRQ Brusko Farewell
Source: YouTube/Team RRQ

This Mobile Legends Pro Player from the Philippines is farewell from RRQ Hoshi after MPL ID Season 13 finished.

He has had a number of enjoyable moments since he first joined RRQ Hoshi.

One of the things he remembers most is when he first arrived and met the RRQ Hoshi roster. He recalled the reception of the roster who gave him martabak as a birthday cake on the first day he arrived in Indonesia.

Not only that, but also when taking part in Game of The Future 2024 with RRQ. Where, he and RRQ met other teams such as ONIC Esports and Fire Flux.

After reminiscing about the warm togetherness, Brusko also shared his plans after farewell with RRQ Hoshi.

Source: YouTube/Team RRQ

He said he wanted to find another esports team and use his playing abilities Mobile Legends obtained from RRQ for the team.

Because, he said, there were a number of new things he had learned after joining RRQ Hoshi for some time.

"My plan now is that I want to find another team, use what I learned here, because I learned a lot here that I didn't know before," he said.

Not only that, Brusko also hopes that in the future he can fight RRQ Hoshi when he plays for other esports teams.

"If I find a new team, I hope to meet RRQ and compete against them," he said.

Brusko expressed his thanks to the entire RRQ Hoshi roster who received them.

"Thank you very much for accepting me and trusting me to play for RRQ," he said.

He apologized if his game did not match the team's expectations.

“I also want to apologize because I did not meet your expectations. But this is an experience for me to play more and harder," he said.

Lastly, Brusko hopes that his fans will remain loyal to support him in his journey in the esports scene.

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