5 Best ML E-Sport Teams in the World

ONIC and EVOS are included in the list of the 5 best ML e-sports teams in the world because of the achievements they have made.
The Best ML E-Sport Team in the World
The Best ML E-Sport Team in the World. Source: VCGamers

When discussing the best ML e-sports team in the world, Indonesia will definitely also contribute. The reason is, when it comes to Mobile Legends, our country can't afford it.

Yep, on the international stage, Indonesian ML e-sports athletes can be said to be one of the strongest. In fact, you could say that the only person worthy of being a "comparable opponent" is the Philippines.

Not without reason, but because teams from Indonesia and the Philippines dominate almost every Mobile Legends world championship or M World Championship.

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5 Strongest ML e-sports Teams in the World

First disclaimer, because the term 'strongest' itself is subjective and can be interpreted differently by each person, the standard used by VCGamers is only the M-World and MSC world championships.

So, the teams shown here are those who have world champion titles only. The following is the discussion:

5. ONIC E-Sport (Indonesia)

the best ML e-sports team in the world ONIC, MSC Champion and M5 Runner Up
ONIC is MSC Champion and M5 Runner Up. Source: Official Site

Starting from the biggest, there is the Indonesian yellow hedgehog team, namely ONIC E-sports. ONIC is the last strongest team on this list considering that they have never won the M-World title.

Of course, the highest achievement is when a team succeeds in becoming world champions. And as we know, the M-World competition itself has only been running for 5 times, and only 5 teams have become champions.

4. EVOS Legends (Indonesia)

the best ML e-sports team in the world EVOS Jawara M1
EVOS Champion M1. Source: Official Site

In fourth position is EVOS Legends as the first team to win the competition (M1 Championship). EVOS is suitable to be in fourth position seeing that this team itself is experiencing a decline in performance.

Yep, EVOS Legends changed its name to EVOS Glory, and since their participation in M1, they have never competed in an M-World contest again. Yes, let's just pray that EVOS can take part in the next M6 event.

3. ECHO (Philippines)

ECHO Champion M4
ECHO Champion M4. Source: Official Site

For the next entry, this is the first team from abroad on this list: ECHO! Yep, the team which has a dolphin logo and is the M4 champion is fit to be in third place.

In fact, ECHO's achievements and performance in the last seasons were 11-12 with EVOS. It is indeed rather difficult to determine which one is more worthy of occupying this position.

However, this position is considered appropriate considering that ECHO has never rebranded and currently still uses the same name. So the count is still the same team, right?

2. Blacklist International (Philippines)

BLCK M3 Champion
BLCK M3 Champion. Source: Official Site

And for this position, I'm sure many will agree that Blacklist International is worthy of occupying it. The team that first popularized meta roamer support has a multitude of prestigious achievements.

Apart from being able to become M3 champions, they have also been runners-up in M4. This was before finally losing to the representative from his fellow country.

Not only that, even though they have never won the MSC, they have won the runner-up title twice. (2021 and 2023) they brought home. It deserves to be in second place on this list!

1. Bren E-Sport (Philippines)

BREN Champion M2 and M5
BREN Champion M2 and M5. Source: Official Site

And in the strongest position at the moment is Bren E-Sport as the only team in the world that has brought home the M-World title twice.

Yep, the M2 and M5 World Championships are momentum for this team to show their best performance.

In fact, this team itself has changed its name many times. Starting from BREN E-sport (when they won M2), then becoming AP.Bren (M5), and currently becoming Falcons AP.Bren.

So, will this team also succeed in winning the upcoming MSC 2024 and be the only team to have the MSC and M-World titles? Let's just wait for his progress at the end of next June!

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So, that was the discussion about the 5 best ML e-sports teams in the world.

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