MSC 2024: Mobile Legends Esports World Cup in Riyadh

MSC 2024

The Esports World Cup will feature Mobile Legends: Bang Bang as one of its main competitions, including Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mid Season Cup (MSC) and MLBB Women's Invitational (MWI) 2024.

The event will be held outside Southeast Asia for the first time, specifically in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

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Mobile Legends Esports World Cup

MSC 2024
MSC 2023 Last Year. Source; VCGamers

The Mobile Legends Esports World Cup is a prestigious tournament featuring professional esports teams from various international regions.

With more than 1.46 billion installations and more than 110 million monthly active users, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has become one of the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) titles. the most popular in the world.

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MSC 2024: The Biggest Prize in the History of the MLBB Competition

MSC 2024 will be an edition that is eagerly awaited by MLBB fans, because this tournament will feature the largest prize in the history of the MLBB competition, namely USD 3,000,000.

Professional esports teams from 14 international regions and more than 35 countries will compete for this prize. Wow, that's really fantastic!

Country Format and Allocation

MSC 2024
MSC 2023. Source: VCGamers

MSC 2024 will feature a Wild Card format, which was showcased at last year's M5 World Championship. The country allocation for the Main Stage is as follows:

ID (Indonesia): 2 slots

  • MPL Indonesia Season 13 Champion & Runner-up

PH (Philippines): 2 slots

  • MPL Philippines Season 13 Champion & Runner-up

MENA (Middle East and North Africa): 2 slots

  • The champion of MPL MENA Season 5 and the top-ranked MPL MENA team from KSA.
  • Note: If the MPL MENA Champion is from KSA, then slots will be allocated to the MPL MENA Champion & MPL MENA Runner-up

MY (Malaysia): 1 slot

  • MPL Malaysia Season 13 Champion

SG (Singapore): 1 slot

  • MPL Singapore Season 7 Champion

KH (Cambodia): 1 slot

  • MPL Cambodia Spring 2024 Champion

MM (Myanmar): 1 slot

  • Myanmar Qualification Champion

NA (North America): 1 slot

  • NACT (North America Championship Tournament) Spring Fall Champion 2024

EECA (Eastern Europe and Central Asia): 1 slot

  • MCC (MLBB Continental Championships) Season 3 Champion

TR (Türkiye): 1 slot

  • MTC (MLBB Turkey Championship) Season 3 Champion

LATAM (Latin America): 1 slot

  • MPL LATAM Champion

CN (China): 1 slot

  • CN Qualifier Champion

Wild Card: 1 slot

  • 1st Place in MSC (MPL Southeast Asia Cup) 2024 Wild Card
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MLBB Women's Invitational 2024

Apart from MSC 2024, there will also be the MLBB Women's Invitational (MWI) 2024 which will be held in Riyadh.

MWI 2024 will involve 12 participating regions and countries, including Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia & Singapore, China, Middle East & North Africa, Eastern Europe & Central Asia, Mekong Region (Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam), Brazil, and North America.

The total prize for MWI 2024 reaches USD 500,000.

MSC and MWI expansion

The presence of MSC 2024 and MWI 2024 in Riyadh marks a new chapter for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Esports and the global esports ecosystem. This collaboration allows more regions to participate and creates unlimited opportunities in the world of esports.

“We are very excited to be working with the Esports World Cup Foundation and expanding our reach to Riyadh,” said Ray Ng, Head of Esports Ecosystem at MOONTON Games. “With teams from new regions taking part, this year's edition brings endless opportunities for more regions to get involved, in line with our mission to grow the MSC and increase participation.”

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Schedule and Other Information

MSC schedule
MSC Schedule 2024. Source: VCGamers

MSC 2024 is scheduled to take place from July 1 to July 14. Further information regarding the date of MWI and the tournament format for each competition will be announced later.

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MSC 2024 and MWI 2024 will be big events in the world of esports Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With the largest prize pool in MLBB competition history and wider participation opportunities, this tournament will strengthen Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's position as one of the most popular MOBA titles in the world.

Fans and players of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang definitely cannot miss the excitement of MSC 2024 and MWI 2024 which will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This event will be a match that is highly anticipated by the esports community and gaming fans around the world.

With a strategic location in Saudi Arabia, MSC 2024 and MWI 2024 will be the perfect platform to showcase the best talents and skills in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

So, don't miss the opportunity to watch the exciting action and fierce competition at MSC 2024 and MWI 2024!

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