Already Playable in the MPL Season 7 Playoffs, Will Gloo Get Many Picks?

Already Playable in the MPL Playoffs, Will Gloo Get Many Picks?


hello buddy Vicigers, does anyone know yet that there is this one Hero named Gloo, do you know? It's rare for this hero to be picked up in ranked mode, you need to know, Gloo Can Be Played in the MPL Playoffs, Will Gloo MLBB Get Picked A Lot?

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This new hero in Mobile Legends Gloo can be played in the playoffs later. This was also conveyed directly by Azwin Nugraha as the PR of Moonton Indonesia, who launched into ONE Esports as follows.

Can Be Played in the MPL Playoffs, Will Gloo MLBB Get Many Picks?
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"Yes, Gloo can be used," said Azwin Nugraha.

Gloo is a Hero Tank who has very unique skills, Gloo is equipped with CC or counters which have quite a lot of Slow, Immobilize, and can possess opponents to deal direct damage.

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But the CC is still not overly over because the existing CC is still very ineffective, but of course the thoughts of pro players will be different and this Gloo hero can be very deadly when picked in the MPL ID Season 7 playoffs for other tank heroes. tanks are currently lacking on Meta.

the answer to the choice of hero tanks for Meta in season 20? just wait for the playoffs later.

New heroes like Beatrix and Yve can be said to be a few picks and less popular, Yve and Beatrix.

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