RRQ Roster in MPL Season 13: There is a World Champion Coach!

As of January 11, on the official YouTube channel, Roster RRQ MPL Season 13 is officially announced!

Apart from there being quite a lot of new rosters, what really takes the "stage" is of course the presence of the world champion team coach, you know! So, for those of you who are curious, let's take a look at the following coverage!

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RRQ Performance in the Previous Season

RRQ Official Roster in MPL Season 13
RRQ Official Roster in MPL Season 13. Source: Official Site

Even though RRQ has not been able to represent Indonesia at the M5 event which was held in the Philippines yesterday, it can be said that the performance of the 'Raja Di Raja' team is still maintained. In yesterday's group phase, RRQ can still closely follow ONIC as runner-up.

But unfortunately, during the playoffs, they had to lose to Bigetron (BTR) Alpha in the lower bracket semi-finals. This also stopped their progress in MPL ID Season 12 yesterday.

This gain standardizes the work RRQ in the 2023 season. Overall, they really had a title drought.

Their only best achievement in that season was third place in the M4 event. They got this when they lost against ECHO, the Philippine representative team which eventually became champions.

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RRQ Roster Reshuffle in MPL Season 13

RRQ Vren Shows Off M5 Medal
RRQ Vren Shows Off M5 Medal. Source: Official Site

Of course, this result was felt to be unsatisfactory, not only for the Kingdom (as RRQ's fanbase is known), but also for the management. Because of this, many of the old players are finally starting to be replaced by new talents.

Let's just say Muhammad 'Lemon' Ikhsan, who has been the longest resident of RRQ. In this season, he is reportedly officially taking a break and not competing.

Besides, universe MLBB I was also surprised by the number of players from the Philippines who were brought in! Let's name the Jungler who replaced Alberttt who left for ONIC: Irrad, a former RSG Philippines player.

Not only that, there is also Brusko in the Roamer position who was previously a player from Minana EVOS (MPL Philippines). Indeed, Roamer RRQ's position so far does not have a stable line-up.

But that doesn't mean their management has forgotten the country's talented talents. Just mention names like Bunnyqt from Tiger Wong E-Sport, who is the goldlaner of the second tier of the promotion development league (MDL).

Not only that, there was also Octa who was present as a backup player for Clayyy as a midlaner. This roster must be quite familiar, especially Kingdom fans who often watch the RRQ (Sena) team competing in the MDL arena.

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New Trainer for World Champion Retainer: Vren

RRQ Vren's New Coach
RRQ Vren's New Coach. Source: Official Site

Of all the spotlights above, of course the center of attention is the coach's position! Yep, unexpectedly, the decline in performance in the 2023 season made RRQ go into “music!” mode.

RRQ management looks like they want to take back the throne, which was previously taken by the ONIC "King of the Sky" team! They did this by bringing in a coach from the Philippines with impressive achievements!

Yep, who else if not Vrendon 'Vren' Pasebre! For those who didn't have the chance to watch the M5 match yesterday, Vren is the former coach of AP.Bren E-sport, the M World champion who succeeded in overthrowing ONIC in the Grand Final match!

I don't know what the story is, the business contract that RRQ made dared to bring in a top coach! Of course, this isn't just a gimmick.

It can be seen that RRQ is ready to seize its throne on the world stage, which was previously thwarted by its fellow countryman, EVOS Legends!

So, will RRQ Hoshi be able to perform brilliantly in Season 13 tomorrow? Or do they still need adjustments, like ONIC and GEEK Fam? Let's see how he performs in the next season!

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So, that was the discussion regarding the RRQ roster in MPL Season 13! For those of you who want the cheapest and fastest MLBB diamond top up, just go straight to VCGamers Marketplace!

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