List of Apex Legends Voice Actors, There's a Twitch Streamer!

Apex Legends

Vicigers may be familiar with some of the character voices from the game Apex Legends very distinctive ones, such as Octane's scream when an enemy approaches, or Bloodhound when he is using the players' favorite scan move.

But, what? Vicigers Do you know who the real voice behind the Apex Legends characters is?

So, in this article, we will answer your curiosity Vicigers! Come on, check out the review!

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List of Apex Legends Voice Actors

There are a number of voice actors in this game. Anyone? Here's the list:

Zehra Fazal (Announcer)

Zahra Fezal
Zahra Fezal. (Source: Instagram/Google)

“This is your Champion”, “Attention, care package being delivered”, “You are the apex champion” are the words we hear most often in games.

It wouldn't be complete if we didn't discuss the Apex Legends voice actor who we hear most often when in the in-game lobby, or when we succeed in killing an enemy character, in first place.

Zehra Fazal is the voice of the in-game notifications, in all conditions. Whether we are cornered or around a safe zone, the announcer's voice from Zehra Fazal will let us know!

Erica Luttrell (Bangalore)

Bangalore - Erica
Bangalore – Erica. (Source: Respawn/Google)

Bangalore is an offensive type legend who can blow smoke when attacking. The voice of this legend is provided by Erica Luttrell. He is a professional gaming voice actor.

Not only Bangalore in the Apex Legends game, Erica Luttrell has also played in other famous games such as the game The Last of Us chapter II published by Naughty Dog, Call of Duty: Cold War, and also Fallout 76.

Crypto (Johnny Young)

Crypto-Johnny. (Source: Apex Twitter Leaks)

Crypto is a scanner type legend with sophisticated gadgets that can monitor the whereabouts of enemies.

Crypto's voice is provided by Jhonny Young, who is multi-platform content creator. He is known as streamers on Twitch and has a YouTube channel that has 100,000 subscribers.

Jhonny has also been a voice actor for several other famous games such as World War Z.

Gibraltar (Branscombe Richmond)

Branscombe Richmond
Branscombe Richmond – Gibraltar (Source: Facebook Brancombe Richmond)

Unlike several other Apex Legends voice actors, Branscombe Richmond not only has a career as a voice actor, but he also stars in many western TV series and films. blockbusters like The Scorpion Kings.

Vicigers You must be very familiar with the legend of Gibralatar. Its large stature makes it very suitable for use as a team protector from enemy attacks!

JB Blanc (Caustic)

JB Blanc - Caustic
JB Blanc – Caustic. (Source: IGN/Google)

Vicigers Those who watch "Breaking Bad" may recognize JB Blanc as the actor from Dr. Barry Goodman. However, he also provided his voice for the legend Caustic or Dr. Nox.

Apart from that, JB Blanc was also involved in creating the characters for Legends of Runeterra and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Blanc plays Prauf, Cal Kestis' best friend.

Chris Edgerly (Pathfinder)

Chris Edgerly - Pathfinder
Chris Edgerly – Pathfinder. (Source: ZylBrad/YouTube)

Voicing the Pathfinder legend, Chris Edgerly admitted, was difficult on a different level compared to animated animal characters. He spoke to a Youtuber named ZylBrad when they were playing together.

The reason is, Pathfinder is a robot whose voice screeches like a fighting machine. He admitted that he repeated the recording several times until he got the sound we now hear in the game.

Not only Pathfinder, Chris Edgerly has also played the role of voicing several film characters such as The Simpson and the popular PlayStation 5 game, The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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So, those are some Apex Legends voice actors who can increase your knowledge when playing.

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