30+ Download Links for the Latest Cool BUSSID Mod for Hino Truck

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As we know, that bus simulator games which is popular in Indonesia is Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID). This game presents livery and mods for various buses, motorbikes and trucks, one of which is the Hino truck which is widely used.

The thing that makes this game unique and different is because it has very diverse liveries and mods, one of which is the Hino truck mod.

Well, maybe you also want to use the BUSSID Hino truck mod. You can download it in the article below!

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Hino Truck BUSSID Mod

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Hino Truck (Source: IME Android)

For those of you who don't know, a Hino truck is a heavy vehicle that transports large goods.

Maybe you have also seen that this truck often roams the roads, for example the truck we often see is the Hino truck.

This Hino truck is a truck that can transport pipes, cement, vehicles, materials, agricultural products and much more. On games We can also install this BUSSID livery on our vehicle.

We can pair these together to make the appearance of our vehicle even more attractive and really cool.

As previously stated, this Hino truck is very large and can accommodate many large items and loads.

So, the Hino truck BUSSID Mod is a large truck and can transport all kinds of large items in the BUSSID game.

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Download links

hino truck bussid mod (1)
Hino Truck (Source: Youtube)

According to thelastsurvivor and mediarale, below is the download link for the BUSSID Hino Truck mod which you can use later.

  1. Hino 700 Container Truck Mod: download here.
  2. Hino 500 NG Truck Mod for Cement Loading: download here.
  3. Hino 500 NG Truck Mod Sound System Contents: download here.
  4. Hino 700 Provia Truck Mod Tank Load: download here.
  5. Hino 500 Trailer Truck Mod: download here.
  6. Hino Pertamina Truck Mod: download here.
  7. Hino 500 Dump Tarpaulin Truck Mod: download here.
  8. Excavator Cargo Hino Selfloader Truck Mod: download here.
  9. Really Long Hino 500 Tronton Truck Mod: download here.
  10. Hino 500 Truck Mod Transport Mining Truck: download here.
  11. Hino 500 Pipe Load Truck Mod: download here.
  12. Hino 500 Mbois Truck Mod: download here.
  13. Hino 500 Dylan Truck Mod: download here.
  14. Hino 500 Truck Mod Bumper Modification: download here.
  15. Hino Lohan Truck Mod Loading Wood: download here.
  16. Hino Lohan Tribal Truck Mod: download here.
  17. Hino Ranger Box Truck Mod: download here.
  18. Hino 500 Dump Truck Mod Tarpaulin Blue: download here.
  19. Hino CPO Truck Mod: download here.
  20. Hino Truck Mod Loading Concrete Iron: download here.
  21. Hino Dump Truck C9 Mod: download here.
  22. Cement Loading Hino Losbak Truck Mod: download here.
  23. Palm Loaded Hino Dump Truck Mod: download here.
  24. Hino Truck Mod Trailer Car Load Sedan: download here.
  25. Hino 500 Truck Mod Mining Truck Load: download here.
  26. Hino Selfloader Bulldozer Truck Mod: Download here.
  27. Hino 500 Motorcycle Truck Mod: download here.
  28. Hino Truck Mod Truck Load: download here.
  29. Bulog Cargo Hino Truck Mod: download here.
  30. Red Hino Truck Mod: download here.
  31. Hino Tribal Tank Truck Mod: download here.
  32. Hino 500 Truck Mod: download here.
  33. Hino Dump Truck Mod: download here.
  34. Hino 500 Truck Mod Full Load: download here.
  35. Hino Box Jaya Express Truck Mod: download here.
  36. Hino Box Tam Cargo Truck Mod: download here.
  37. PT Hino Box Truck Mod. Siba Surya: download here.
  38. Hino Truck Mod Full Anim Strobe: download here.
  39. Hino 700 Jumbo Tank Truck Mod for Transporting Cement: download here.
  40. Hino MAN TGS Truck Mod Crane Load: download here.
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How to Install the BUSSID Truck Mod

hino truck bussid mod (4)
Hino Truck (Source: Google PlayStore)

For those of you who are still confused about how to use the BUSSID Hino truck mod. You can follow the guide below!

  • Download Hino Truck Bussid MOD-your;
  • Open FileManager (Android only);
  • Open Internal Storage;
  • Search and Open Download Folder;
  • It will show later Hino Truck BUSSID Mod that has been downloaded;
  • Copy MOD BUSSID that have been downloaded;
  • Entered into BUSSID Folder;
  • Open Mods Folder;
  • Paste the BUSSID Mod File the;
  • Out of FileManager and Open games Indonesian Bus Simulator;
  • Login first;
  • Entered into Garage Menu;
  • Choose Vehicle (Truck);
  • Wait until the Vehicle appears;
  • Install and Done.
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