VCGamers Holds Ramadhan Sale, Game Top Ups Are Really Cheap!

Ramadhan Sale VCGamers 2024

VCGamers is holding a Ramadhan Sale for everyone Vicigers. You can get various #Better game top up offers at much cheaper prices.

The Ramadhan Sale will be held from March 9 to April 26 2024. During this period, you can get a number of game products at very cheap prices.

The game products in question include Weekly Diamond Pass Mobile Legends, Free Fire Diamond and Membership, and UC PUBG Mobile.

Want to know what game products are included in the Ramadhan Sale? Come on, see the complete review!

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Ramadhan Sale VCGamers 2024

So, there are several game products included in the Ramadhan Sale this time. Apart from the three games mentioned above, there are also several other game products.

Such as Valorant Points, Express Supply Pass Honkai Star Rail, and Blessing Moon Genshin Impact.

This promotion is given to everyone Vicigers without exception. So, all of you can get a more enjoyable gaming experience than before by topping up the game.

There will be several benefits when you take part in this promo apart from getting profits because the product price is cheap.

Among other things, you can get a more exciting gaming experience. Why is that? Because, you can top up your favorite game to buy or open certain items in the game.

For example, by buying the MLBB Weekly Diamond Pass, you can buy various kinds of skins. Apart from that, you can also buy emotes and heroes in the game Moonton the.

So, to make it clearer, here are the products and game prices included in the 2024 Ramadhan Sale VCGamers:

Games Variation Price
Mobile Legends Weekly Diamond Pass Rp. 25 thousand
Free Fire 140 Diamonds Rp. 16 thousand
Free Fire Weekly FF Membership Rp. 25 thousand
Valorant 1375 Points Rp. 136 thousand
Honkai Star Rail Express Supply Pass Rp. 53 thousand
Genshin Impact Blessing Moon (1 Month) Rp. 52 thousand
PUBG Mobile 400 UC Indonesia Rp. 77 thousand
PUBG Mobile 650 UC Indonesia Rp. 117 thousand
PUBG Mobile 2163 UC Indonesia Rp. 365 thousand
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The price offer above is of course below market price! You can buy these various products easily at VCGamers Marketplace.

So, don't miss the opportunity to shop for cheap game products at the VCGamers Ramadhan Sale!

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