PUBG Mobile 2024 Tournament: Schedule, Format and Total Prizes

PUBG Tournament 2024

PUBG Mobile Indonesia recently announced a series of esports tournaments that will be held throughout 2024.

In a QnA media session held in Menteng on February 19 2024, Agung Chaniago, Country Manager of Level Infinite Indonesia, shared interesting information regarding the PUBGM 2024 tournament.

For PUBGM fans, this is very exciting news!

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International Tournament

In 2024, PUBG Mobile will hold four international scale tournaments, namely PMSL, PMGO, PMWI, and PMGC.

These four tournaments will offer a fantastic total prize pool of more than 110 billion rupiah!



PMSL SEA (PUBG Mobile Super League Southeast Asia) will be held again in 2024 with the addition of a new season, namely Summer.

The Spring, Summer and Fall seasons will be attended by 24 Southeast Asian teams, including 8 teams from Indonesia. Each season will offer a total prize of 9.4 billion rupiah.

The Spring season will be held in Malaysia, while the Summer season will be held in Thailand. Information regarding the Fall season will still be announced in the future.

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PUBG Tournament 2024
PMGO. Source: PUBG

PMGO (PUBG Mobile Global Open) is a new international tournament introduced by PUBG Mobile in 2024.

This tournament will be held in Brazil in March 2024 with a total prize pool of 7.8 billion rupiah.


PMWI (PUBG Mobile World Invitational) is a mid-year tournament that has been regularly held since 2021.

In 2024, PMWI will be held simultaneously with the Esports World Cup in Saudi Arabia. The total prizes up for grabs in this tournament reached 47 billion rupiah.

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PMGC. Source: PUBG

PMGC (PUBG Mobile Global Championship) is the highest caste PUBG Mobile tournament which will be held for the fourth time.

This tournament will determine the best PUBG Mobile team in the world. After previously being held in the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Turkey, this year's PMGC will be held in the United Kingdom. The total prizes up for grabs reached 47 billion rupiah.

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National Tournament

Apart from international tournaments, PUBG Mobile will also hold several national scale tournaments. This national tournament gives amateur and semi-professional teams the opportunity to advance to the professional level.


PMNC (PUBG Mobile National Championship) will determine which teams will 'upgrade' from amateur and semi-professional levels to professional. PMNC ID will be held in December 2024 and will determine one Indonesian team that will participate in PMSL SEA for the next three seasons.

This tournament is open to the public and can be participated by all PUBG Mobile players in Indonesia. Special pathways are available for teams that successfully achieve achievements in the PMCS, PMCT and PMCC tournaments.


PMCS (PUBG Mobile Conqueror Series) is a new tournament introduced by PUBG Mobile Indonesia in 2024. This tournament will provide an opportunity for amateur, semi-professional and professional teams from all over Indonesia to compete in PMNC. PMCS will be held for three seasons, namely Spring, Summer and Fall.

The teams competing in PMCS will be determined through several routes, such as Open Qualifier, Champion Cup Qualifier, Champion City Qualifier, Ladies Qualifier, and 2023 PMNC ID.


PMCT (PUBG Mobile City Tournament) is a tournament aimed at players who are just starting their career journey in the world of PUBG Mobile esports. PMCT 2024 will be held online/offline in 8 cities in Indonesia.

This tournament will provide an opportunity for players to hone their skills and gain experience before continuing to PMNC.


PMCC (PUBG Mobile Campus Championship) will be an attraction for students throughout Indonesia. This tournament will be held face-to-face at more than 40 universities from September to October 2024.

Apart from the Battle Royale mode competition, PMCC will also hold a Campus Ambassador and Caster Hunt competition to find the best talents in Indonesia.

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PUBG Mobile Indonesia has announced a series of exciting esports tournaments for 2024. With a total prize pool of more than 110 billion rupiah, this tournament will attract the interest of PUBG Mobile players in Indonesia.

For players who aspire to become professional players, this is a golden opportunity to hone their skills and measure themselves against the best teams in the world.

What are you waiting for, register your team immediately and prepare yourself to achieve victory in the PUBG Mobile 2024 Tournament!

For further information regarding the schedule and how to register, visit the official PUBG Mobile Esports Indonesia channels on YouTube, Facebook and TikTok.

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