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For SONIC (ONIC Esports fans), you can definitely predict who the roster will be ONIC Esports in prestigious tournaments Mobile Legends: Bang Bang aka MPL ID S13.

Many also think that in MPL ID S13 the team was not overhauled on a large scale, meaning it was not the same as the previous three seasons.

However, in fact, the team that has won repeatedly is still maintained. Certainly not without reason, but because the abilities of the roster and coaches deserve thumbs up.

Rumors about Coach Yeb taking a break certainly make fans feel nervous. However, this is only temporary because the Coach will accompany the ONIC Esports roster at MPL ID S13!

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Coach Yeb Comeback

onic roster in mpl s13 (1)
Coach Yeb (Source: onic.coachyeb/Instagram)

Even though ONIC Esports is one of the teams joining the Games of The Future 2024 tournament on 26 February 2024 – 03 March 2024 in Kazan, Russia.

It turns out Coach Yeb decided to take a break for a while and return to the Philippines to return to his hometown.

This is confirmed based on the upload Reels posted by an Instagram account @onic.esports on January 13, 2024.

The video reels show Coach Yeb with ONIC Esports children at tournaments and he also gives an impression of his message while on the Yellow Hedgehog team.

Apart from that, he gave a message to haters who often bully the ONIC Esports team. He is more willing to be bullied by Adi, compared to his team having to experience cyberbullying.

Indeed, in the Reels, Coach Yeb did not clearly explain the reason for his temporary break from ONIC Esports.

However, Adi explained the reason why Coach Yeb was taking a break via his Live Tiktok, he revealed that "Coach Yeb had plans to take a break because his wife was very pregnant and was about to give birth. "The plan is for his wife to give birth in February, we will leave for Russia in February," he said.

“Just pray that Coach Yeb can come to Russia. Because Coach Yeb and I work together, you yourself will be overpowered. "I hope that Coach Yeb can come to Russia," he said.

One thing that surprised SONIC was when @onic.esports posted post Instagram containing all 7 ONIC rosters for MPL ID S13 accompanied by Adi and Coach on February 19 2024 yesterday.

With the appearance of Coach Yeb in this post, many people assume that he will return and accompany ONIC Esports in MPL ID S13.

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ONIC Esports Official Roster at MPL ID S13

onic roster in mpl s13 (3)
Official ONIC Roster at MPL Season 13 (Source: onic.esports/Instagram)

Drian has decided to resign from the Sky King team since the end of MPL ID S12 yesterday.

In MPL ID Season 13 there will be a comeback to guide 7 beloved ONIC Esport players.

The following is a list of the ONIC Esports roster in MPL ID S13, namely:

  • ONIC M Satrya"Butsss” Heartstrings – EXP Laner
  • ONIC Kairi"KairiRayosdelsol – Jungler
  • ONIC Gilang"SANZ – Mid Laners
  • ONIC Calvin"CWWinata – Gold Laner
  • ONIC Nicky"KiboyFernando – Roamer
  • ONIC Albert Neilsen"Alberttt"Iskandar – Gold Laner
  • ONIC Denver “Coach Yeb” Miranda – Head Coach
  • ONIC Adi Sofiyan “Adi” Asyauri – Assistant Coach/Analyst

This roster has certainly won many prestigious trophies, starting from MPL ID S10, MPL ID S11 and MPL ID S12.

Apart from that, this roster won international class trophies such as MSC 2023, ESL Dragon and M5 World Championship (Runner Up).

However, MPL ID S13 will certainly present a different atmosphere, where they will have to meet and compete with quite strong Filipino players such as AURA Yawi, RRQ Irrad, RRQ Brusko, RRQ Vren and BTR Emann.

This is quite likely to be a challenge for ONIC Esports to plan its strategy so that it can win back the season trophy from MPL ID for 4 times in a row.

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Flashback to ONIC Esports' victory at MPL S12

onic roster in mpl s13 (4)
ONIC Esports – 3peat Champion MPL ID (Source: onic.esports/Instagram)

On October 15 2023, ONIC Esports and GEEK Fam were in the Grand Final of MPL ID Season 12. To remember their victory, below we review their game again.

Starting in the first game, ONIC Esports won the match with an elimination score of 17-5 for 14 minutes.

This victory was thanks to CW's Claude, Kairi's Fredrinn and Sanz's Gord who were very aggressive during the game, giving a score of 1-0 for ONIC Esports.

In the second game they won the match again with an elimination score of 23-4 in 19 minutes. Sanz's Gord and CW's Irithel were able to undermine Geek Fam ID's strategy.

In the third game, Geek Fam ID was able to fight ONIC Esports for 21 minutes. Finally, Geek Fam got 9 elimination points thanks to Aboy's Faramis and Luke's Terizla.

However, in the middle of the game, Geek Fam had to lose to ONIC Esports because they were attacked by Kiboy's Mathilda, CW's Ixia and Sanz's Lylia and so in the end, ONIC Esports got a score of 3-0.

In the fourth game, Geek Fam ID finally won over ONIC ESports in just 13 minutes and with an elimination score of 7-1.

Their strategy since the early game was to create a trap for ONIC Esports until they had to lose in this fourth game.

Of course, this is thanks to Aboy's Faramis, Nnael's Akai and Baloyskie's Rafaela.

In the middle of the game, Aboy saves his friends with his skills. Plus, he and Baloyskie provided a strong attack so that ONIC Esports lost and got a score of 3-1.

In the fifth game, Geek Fam ID was almost overwhelmed from early game to mid game because Kairi's Fanny was aggressive enough to make Geek Fam ID overwhelmed against her.

Towards the late game, Geek Fam ID finally came together to eliminate ONIC Esports of course by relying on Luke's Edith, Baloyskie's Mathilda and Markyyy's Bruno for 23 minutes which resulted in a score of 25-12 for ONIC Esports.

In the sixth game, ONIC Esports won the match with a duration of 16 minutes and an elimination score of 16-6 points.

Buttss' Dyrroth, Sanz's Angela and CW's Claude were so agile during the game that the three of them were able to thwart Geek Fam ID's strategy well.

In the end, ONIC Esports won with a score of 4-2 and won a Prize Pool of $336,500 or around Rp. 5.2 Billion.

ONIC Esports and Geek Fam ID also managed to get tickets to compete in the M5 World Championship on December 2 2023 and became Runners Up in this prestigious tournament.

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That's the information regarding the ONIC Esports roster that will appear in MPL ID S13, are you ready to support the Sky King in this MPL season?

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