Onic's Logo, History, Unique Facts and Cool Philosophy!

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Every esports team definitely have a logo to represent their vision and mission to game fans and connoisseurs. One cool unique logo is the logo Onic Esport.

When you hear the word Onic Esport, surely the first thing that comes to mind is a small animal with sharp spikes called Hedgehog, right? Well, this time VCGamers News will discuss the history, unique facts and changes to the logo belonging to the team nicknamed the Sky Kings in full!

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History of Onic Logos

Onic Esport logo
Onic Esport logo

Of course, each logo has its own story, including the Esport logo owned by Rob Clinton

The Onic logo is depicted as a small, but fierce and brave yellow red Hedgehog. The Hedgehog's name was Hannu.

The unique fact is that the name Hedgehog used was taken from the logo designer himself. It is known that the designer of the yellow hedgehog team logo is Hannu Koskinen. To honor the designer, Onic decided to name his Hedgehog Hannu.

Hannu Koskinen himself is a designer who initially worked as a Community Graphic Designer on the esport team Liquid.

Onic Esport then contacted Hannu Koskinen to change the Porcupine logo they already had to make it cooler. Initially, Hannu Koskinen thought that Onic's initial logo was good, but Onic felt that a change was needed.

And that's where it started where the logo changed. This is how the logo changes from the beginning to the new changes that are still being used today.


Old and new Onic logos
Old and new Onic logos

At the beginning of the Onic team was founded on July 26 2018, Onic appeared to the public by introducing its yellow Hedgehog logo with bold red eyes. While the first Onic logo appeared with a yellow Hedgehog with red eyes facing downwards.

The New Onic Logo Philosophy

ONIC PH logo
Onic Logo Philosophy

Hannu Koskinen as the designer of the team logo once said, "Why do you (Onic Esport) want to make Hedgehog the mascot of this team?" As you know, most esport teams will use wild, big and cool animals such as tigers, lions or dragons to serve as mascots.

However, uniquely, Onic chose the Hedgehog, which in fact is a small and cute animal, as the mascot for their esport team. Hearing questions from Hannu Koskinen, Onic's party had the reason that large predatory animals would not dare to attack the Porcupine because the spines on its back could be very dangerous.

In conclusion, the philosophy of the Hedgehog logo states that the Onic team always has a deadly weapon to defeat their opponents, even though they are often underestimated.

Then, the logo changed. The logo update is not completely changed as it still displays the exotic power of the yellow porcupine and its distinctive red eyes.

It's just that, there are changes that will surely be noticed by the fans. Its new logo, which is still in use today, features the Hedgehog facing upwards.

A logo that reflects courage, optimism and confidence in every situation, for example when a game tournament is being held. This logo is considered cooler and represents the vision and mission of Onic Esport.

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Many people think that a logo is cool, funny, unique, but on the other hand it has its own bold power. That is what Hannu Koskinen also tries to convey to the public.

The logo managed to grab the attention of many game lovers. The yellow porcupine logo design is considered to fulfill many aspects for the target market. The Onic team logo is considered "complete" on all sides both technically and philosophically.

The logo design is cool for the esport industry, funny to please the fans, but also don't forget to look cool with sharp spikes so you can intimidate your opponent.

Onic itself is one of the most accomplished esports teams. They and their entire team and staff have won many prestigious championships and prizes at the national and international levels.

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Thus the discussion about the logo Onic esport for those of you who are interested in exploring the game industry in the country. Hopefully this article is useful.

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