ONIC vs ECHO Match Results on M4 Mobile Legends

ONIC vs ECHO in M4 Mobile Legends Knockout Round.

Match results ONIC vs ECHO in the M4 World Championship knockout round Mobile Legends which was held on Thursday, January 12, 2023 has been completed.

The match between the two teams was intense. Both ONIC Esports and ECHO seem to be giving their best game to survive in the Upper Bracket.

The results of the match between the ONIC Esports team from Indonesia and ECHO from the Philippines will determine which team will stay in the Upper Bracket or fall to the Lower Bracket.

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ONIC Esports vs ECHO Match Results on M4 Mobile Legends

M4 Knockout Schedule, ONIC vs ECHO
M4 World Championship Mobile Legends

ONIC Esports is one of two teams from Indonesia that entered the M4 World Championship. Apart from ONIC, there is also RRQ Hoshi who takes part in the biggest Mobile Legends tournament in the world.

Both of these teams entered the Upper Bracket. However, RRQ Hoshi has fallen into the Lower Bracket after losing to Blacklist International from the Philippines on January 12, 2023.

Blacklist International narrowly won from RRQ Hoshi in that match. Because, the final score in the match with five was 3-2 for Blacklist International.

This defeat forced RRQ Hoshi, who had played hard in the knockout round, to be forced to move down to the Lower Bracket. Where later the Mobile Legends team will compete against Falcon Esports from Myanmar.

In this match, the team that will face ONIC, namely ECHO, also comes from the Philippines. The two teams fight to determine who stays in the Upper Bracket and compete against Blacklist International and the team that will be knocked down to the Lower Bracket M4 World Championship.

So what are the results of the ONIC vs ECHO match? Here's the summary:

ONIC Esports vs ECHO Game 1

ONIC vs ECHO in M4 Mobile Legends Game 1
ECHO won the first game.

The first game match was exciting. Both teams showed their skills using heroes in the Land of Dawn.

In the first game, ONIC Esports had to accept defeat from ECHO Philippines.

Where, ECHO won in 23 minutes and 7 seconds with a total of 18 kills for ECHO and 12 for ONIC Esports.

This victory certainly cannot be separated from the draft picks that have been prepared. Following are the draft picks for the two teams:

Player Heroes Player Heroes
Karltzy Kaja Kiboy Khufra
Sanji joy Sanz Valentina
Yawi Fredrinn Kairi Granger
Bennyqt Melissa Butsss Grocks
Sanford Xavier CW Lunox
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ONIC Esports vs ECHO Game 2

ONIC defeated ECHO in the second game
ONIC Esports' seconds won over ECHO

The second game was a breath of fresh air for ONIC Esports fans in Indonesia. The entire roster managed to secure their best heroes so they were finally able to play optimally by toppling the ECHO tower.

The Mobile Legends team from Indonesia managed to seal victory in 20 minutes and 48 seconds in the second game.

The Hayabusa action used by ONIC Kairi also managed to steal the show. Kairi's choice of the right move became one of the causes of victory in this second game.

In that game, ONIC managed to kill 21 times or more than ECHO which only 17 times.

ONIC Kairi also became the MVP in that match with the Hayabusa hero he used.

For more details, here are the draft picks for the entire roster in the second game of the M4 Mobile Legends Knockout round:

Player Heroes Player Heroes
Bennyqt Karrie Sanz Kaja
Sanford Yu Zhong Kiboy Yve
Yawi Khufra CW Moscow
Karltzy Chou Kairi Hayabusa
Sanji Pharsa Butsss Lapu-Lapu
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ONIC vs ECHO at M4 Mobile Legends Game 3

Game 3 Knockout Day six of M4 Mobile Legends
ECHO again won the match.

The third game of the M4 Mobile Legends knockout round this time was won by ECHO. The team managed to beat ONIC in just 11 minutes and 41 seconds.

In this game, ECHO managed to get skills 20 times and ONIC only 9 times.

The arrangement of heroes or draft picks used by the two teams in this game is different from before. Including Kairi, who was MVP in the previous game when using Hayabusa, had to choose Baratz. This is because the Hayabusa he uses is hit by a tire.

For more details, here are the two teams' draft picks in the third game:

Player Heroes Player Heroes
Karltzy Fredrinn Butsss Gloo
Sanji Faramis Kairi Barats
Yawi Chou Sanz Valentina
Bennyqt Claude Kiboy Kaja
Sanford Dyrroth CW Lesley
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Deciding Game

ONIC vs ECHO at M4 Mobile Legends Game 4
ECHO's victory determines to continue to be in the Upper Bracket M4 World Championship.

This game will determine whether there is still a chance of victory or not for ONIC in the match against ECHO.

If ONIC wins, there will be a fifth game. Conversely, if you lose then there will only be four rounds.

With only four rounds, ONIC must go down to the Lower Bracket and not meet in the Upper Bracket final against Blaclist International.

Yes, in this game ONIC Esports had to admit the great game from ECHO who beat them.

This defeat made ONIC Esports follow another Mobile Legends team from Indonesia, RRQ Hoshi, to the Lower Bracket.

In this fourth game, ECHO managed to win in 21 minutes and 37 seconds. The pocketed kill score is 25 for ECHO and 18 for ONIC Esports.

Following are the two teams' draft picks in the last round:

Player Heroes Player Heroes
Karltzy Fredrinn Kairi joy
Sanji Lylia Kiboy Claude
Yawi Chou CW Mathilda
Sanford Dyrroth Butsss Grocks
Bennyqt Beatrix Sanz Faramis

The final result of the ONIC Esports vs ECHO match was 3-1 for ECHO.

Even though we lost, of course we don't need to be dissolved in sadness. Continue to support the roster of your favorite team.

Because there is still a chance to win the M4 World Championship Mobile Legends in Jakarta this time.

This is not an impossible thing. Moreover, Indonesia and the EVOS Legends team once won 1st place in the M1 World Championship.

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