Losing from Blacklist, RRQ Hoshi Will Meet Falcon Esports

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The RRQ Hoshi vs Falcon Esports match will be held soon. This was following the collapse of the team from the upper bracket and crashing into the lower bracket M4 Mobile Legends.

RRQ Hoshi gave the game a tough fight against Blacklist International in the Knockout round yesterday, Wednesday, 11 January 2023.

The struggle can be seen from the fierce battle between the two teams in the game. Where, the match scores of the Mobile Legends teams from Indonesia and the Philippines were slightly different, only one point apart.

RRQ Hoshi with the roster Albert, R7, Clay, Skylar and Vyn seemed to be playing brilliantly and providing fierce resistance.

They even opened the match with a win over Blacklist International.

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RRQ Hoshi Lost from Blacklist International

RRQ Hoshi vs Blacklist International Game 5
Blacklist International cemented victory in the final game of the M4 Knockout round against RRQ Hoshi.

Game Blacklist International, the Mobile Legends team from the Philippines in the M4 World Championship, of course there's no doubt about it.

Moreover, the team won the M World Series at last year's M3 World Championship.

However, RRQ Hoshi also managed to show a brilliant game in the knockout match yesterday.

No kidding, the Mobile Legends team from Indonesia even immediately won the first game.

After that, they were defeated in the second and third game. In the second game, Blacklist International uses the same hero lineup as the first game.

However, they were unstoppable and won both games.

BLCK vs RRQ Hoshi in the M4 World Championship
RRQ Hoshi's winning moments against Blacklist International in the first game.

Furthermore, in the fourth game, RRQ Hoshi again showed his fangs.

RRQ Hoshi managed to hold Blacklist International to a draw by winning in the fourth game.

In that round, RRQ Hoshi won and the game continued.

Then in the fifth game, RRQ Hoshi was forced to admit the greatness of the Blacklist International players.

In that fierce match, RRQ Hoshi managed to secure Lord.

The blacklist then focuses on carrying out attacks by taking down towers one by one.

Until finally, they also succeeded in bringing down the RRQ tower at the same time when Lord walked towards their tower.

The dramatic victory brought the match score to 3-2. Thus, Blacklist International came out victorious.

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RRQ Hoshi Will Face Falcon Esports

RRQ vs Falcon Esports M4 Mobile Legends
Falcon Esports

This defeat caused RRQ Hoshi, who was originally in the Upper Bracket, to be placed in the Lower Bracket.

Thus, the team did not enter the upper bracket final. Preferably, Blacklist International will be the team that enters the final round after defeating RRQ Hoshi.

Even though they lost, RRQ Hoshi played persistently and never gave up until the final seconds of the match.

"Even though he has fought hard, RRQ Hoshi is still not lucky to be able to advance to the UB Finals," wrote the Instagram account. teamrrq.

RRQ Hoshi will be back competing in the M4 World Championship.

They will compete with Falcon Esports on January 13 2023 at 11.00 WIB.

"Keep up the enthusiasm for RRQ Hoshi, hopefully it will be launched in the next match. Thank you for your support guys. Vivarrq,” he said.

The upload received various comments from netizens.

Some of them regretted RRQ's move that allowed Estes' hero not to get banned.

In other words, they think that Estes has a major influence in realizing the objectives of Blacklist International.

Not only that, there is also a lot of support given to RRQ Hoshi through the comments column.

It's not impossible that RRQ will become the champion. However, they must manage to win the match in the Lower Bracket.

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