Best Build and Team for Silver Wolf Honkai Star Rail

Silver Wolf is a character in Honkai Star Rail with a rarity level of 5 stars in the game.
Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf. Source: Honkai: Star Rail/Youtube

Silver Wolf is one of the characters in Honkai Star Rail with a rarity level of 5 stars. This time the author will discuss the best build and team for Silver Wolf.

Known as a member of the Stellaron Hunters and a skilled hacker, he managed to master the ability "aether editing” which serves to corrupt reality data from real life.

Silver Wolf has Path Nihility with Quantum elements. He is able to make team movements more flexible by utilizing his character DPS best.

For those of you who are looking for the best build and team guide for Silver Wolf, let's read more in the following article!

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Best Build Silver Wolf

Silver Wolf Build
Build Silver Wolf. Source: Braxophone/Youtube

The ideal build for Silver Wolf should focus on a combination of providing debuffs and dealing with damage from opponents.

As a basic build, the best Light Cone for this character is Incessant Rain which can increase the Effect Hit Rate by 24%.

If the Light Cone user succeeds in dealing DMG to an opponent with 3 or more debuffs, the Critical Rate will increase by 12%.

Incessant Rain can increase up to 96% the total Effect Hit Rate of Silver Wolf's ability if he has at least Skill level 10.

Build Silver Wolf - Light Cone
Light Cone for the Silver Wolf build. Source: Braxophone/Youtube

Alternatively, you can choose Light Cone In the Name of the World, Before the Tutorial Missions Start, and Goodnight and Sleep Well.

Meanwhile, for Relics and Ornaments, Pan-Cosmic Commercial Enterprise and Genius of Brilliant Stars could be the best choices to strengthen the Silver Wolf build.

Pan-Cosmic Commercial Enterprise can increase the Effect Hit Rate of Silver Wolf by 10% to a maximum of 25%.

Silver Wolf Relic and Ornament
Relics and Ornaments for Silver Wolf. Source: Braxophone/Youtube

You can choose this Ornament to increase the Effect Hit Rate as well as provide some additional ATK based on their Effect Hit Rate.

The higher the Effect Hit Rate of the Silver Wolf, the more effective the debuff effect will be.

Meanwhile, Genius of Brilliant Stars is the best set that you can use if you want to increase the damage of a character significantly.

If you have 4 sets, this Relic also allows the user to ignore the DEF percentage of the target.

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Best Team Combination for Silver Wolf

Silver Wolf is often used to fill the Support role in the team, just like Ruan Mei. Here are the best team combinations that you can try!

Team Free To Play (F2P)

Build Silver Wolf
Free to Play Team. Source: Game8

This team combination focuses on increasing damage from Quantum and Physical characters. Very effective if the opponent is not weak against these two elements.

Silver Wolf has the ability to activate the strengths of DPS characters and make team movements more agile.

You can arrange your team using two DPS characters such as Qingque and Trailblazer. Next, choose a Healer character like Natasha.

Apart from the characters above, you can also use Xueyi to provide follow-up attacks after Silver Wolf instills Quantum Weakness on your opponent.

Generalist Team

Build Silver Wolf
Generalist Team. Source: Game8

Silver Wolf can provide high support to characters who take advantage of attacking opponents with debuffs.

The team combination that you can use is Acheron, Pela, and Fu Xuan. Silver Wolf's ability can provide a debuff for Acheron's Slashed Dream stack.

Apart from that, Pela, who is a Nihility user, can also help increase the stack of Slashed Dream. Especially when he uses Light Cone Shines As Pearls of Sweat.

So, that's the best build and team guide for Silver Wolf Honkai Star Rail. Hopefully this can help you.

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