Facts about Focalors, the Hydro Archon from Genshin Impact

Focalors Genshin Impact is the Goddess of Justice and is a member of The Seven as Hydro Archon.
Focalors Hydro Archon
Focalors Hydro Archon. Source: Genshin Impact/Youtube

Focalors Genshin Impact is the Goddess of Justice and is one of the members of The Seven as Hydro Archon.

He was appointed Hydro Archon after the death of Egeria, who was killed during the Cataclysm 500 years ago.

Who are the real Focalors? Come on, get to know each other better by looking at the facts about this Hydro Archon!

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Facts about Focalors, Hydro Archon Genshin Impact

This archon has been discussed and appeared several times games Genshin Impact, especially in Chapter IV. What are some interesting facts about it?

Hydro Archon appointment

Focalors was chosen by Egeria as Hydro Archon. Source: Abyss Breakdown/Youtube

Egeria or Mistress of Many Waters was the previous Hydro Archon. However, he was killed during the Cataclysm 500 years ago.

After Egeria, Focalors then rose to become his successor. He himself is an Oceanid who was transformed into a human by Egeria.

Unfortunately, the appointment of the next Hydro Archon drew a lot of rejection from other Oceanids, including Rhodeia of Loch, the strongest among them.

Concurrent with the ascension of the Focalors, Idyia notes that Fontaine will be filled with pain and hatred.

When the Oceanids discovered the remains of their former god in Harvisptokhm, they abandoned Fontaine and cut all ties.

Bad Predictions About Fontaine

Focalors - Ramalam Fontaine
Bad predictions about Fontaine. Source: Abyss Breakdown/Youtube

Focalors' rise as Hydro Archon forced him to carry out a very difficult mission from Egeria, namely to find a solution to a bad prophecy.

The prophecy states that the entire population of Fontaine will drown to atone for the sins of the previous Hydro Archon who created the Fontaine humans from the Oceanid nation.

Because of this prediction, the Focalors spent a lot of time on the seabed planning something so that the prediction could be avoided.

Creating Furina As Her Human Form

Focalors - Furina
Furina. Source: Genshin Impact/Youtube

After thinking for a long time, Focalors finally came to the conclusion that he had to deceive the Heavenly Principles so that the prophecy could aim to save the entire population of Fontaine.

He then created Furina as his human form. Furina herself will continue to live as long as the divine part of her remains.

Focalors made Furina deceive the residents of Fontaine and Heavenly Principles by becoming Hydro Archon for 500 years.

This is certainly not an easy thing, considering that the curse from the prophecy will befall the residents of Fontaine if Furina's identity is revealed.

Sacrificing Himself To Save The Residents Of Fontaine

The sacrifice of the Focalors for the people of Fontaine
The sacrifice of the Focalors for the people of Fontaine. Source: Abyss Breakdown/Youtube

The Hydro Archon has immense hatred towards Celestia for her intervention in the bad prophecy for Fontaine.

As part of his plan to save the people of Fontaine, he then collected Indemnitium.

The energy from Indemnitium can not only kill him but also destroy the Hydro Archon's throne.

With his great sacrifice, he managed to restore balance and keep the residents of Fontaine from destruction.

The Next Successor to Hydro Archon

Focalors - Neuvillette
Neuvillette is the new Hydro Archon successor. Source: Abyss Breakdown/Youtube

Focalors had previously sent a letter to Neuvillette, the current incarnation of Hydro Dragon.

In his letter, he asked Neuvillette to take the position as the next Fontaine Chief Justice.

The hope is that Neuvillette can sympathize with humanity and use her powers to turn the people of Fontaine into fully human beings.

Apart from Furina and Neuvillette, no one else had ever met the real Hydron Archon in person.

Even though the Focalors no longer exist, he managed to save the people of Fontaine and entrust their future to Neuvillette's leadership.

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So, those are interesting facts about Focalors the Hydro Archon in Genshin Impact. What do you think of this character?

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