Provocative ML Recall Effect and How to Get It

How to Get an ML Recall

Have Vicigers felt provoked by the opponent pressing the recall button Mobile Legends repeatedly? This is indeed a very annoying thing, especially if the opponent's recall effect has a 'bag-tas' sound effect. 

It's really annoying, you've already died from your ultimate, you still have to face your opponent's taunting using the recall effect. 

Since taunting Opponents using the recall effect have become popular in Mobile Legends. Having a unique recall effect is a matter of pride for an ML player. 

So what are the effects of recall? Mobile Legends provocative ones and how to get them? Read this article to the end to understand how to buy it!

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How to Get the Provocative ML Recall Effect

The following are three of the most provocative effects that you can use for taunting opponents in the Land of Dawn and how to get them:

Seal of Anvil Crawler

Seal of Anvil Crawler
Seal of Anvil Crawler. Source: Youtube Mr. Kisses

Top ranking of recall items most provocative work Moonton is Seal of Anvil Crawler. This effect has a blue color with a reddish effect 

Effect Seal of Anvil Crawler is a very popular item, many pro players use it for taunting opponent. This recall item with the 'tas-tas' sound is best for taunting the opponent you have just eliminated.

Unfortunately, you can't get this recall effect all the time. You can only buy the 'bags' recall effect during certain events. 

For this reason, always monitor event information and Mobile Legends item promos so that you don't miss another opportunity to get this recall effect. 

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Fire Crown

Fire Crown Recall Effect
FIre Crown Effect. Source: Youtube

In terms of design, this effect is somewhat similar to Seal of Anvil Crawler it's just that the color is like an orange flame. It can be said that Fire Crown is the lite version of Seal of Anvil Crawler.

The Fire Crown design is like a fire cage that appears in the form of a burst of fire, which makes it seem cooler than effect number one.

But unfortunately the 'bag-tas' sound from the recall effect is too quiet. So it's less fun to mock your opponent using it Fire Crown.

Actually, to get this effect is quite easy. You can take part in special gacha events, grand collection events or lucky spin events. But these events cannot be predicted, because they suit Moonton's mood.  

It is not uncommon for Moonton to provide this effect for free just by topping up a certain amount of Diamonds.

If you really want this effect, keep updating information about Mobile Legends events, don't ever miss it!

The last way to get Fire Crown You can do this by purchasing recall effect bundle at MLBB Shop. To buy a package bundle In fact, you only need to exchange 1 Diamond.

But usually you will succeed in getting a permanent effect if you have made purchases more than five times. Therefore, always update information on MLBB events and promos so you don't miss another opportunity.

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Attack on Titan Recall Effect

AoT Version Effects
AoT Version Effects. Source: Mobile Legends

If Vicigers already missed the opportunity to get an effect Fire Crown and Seal of Anvil Crawler You don't need to worry, because there are effects that are no less provocative like these two. 

Apart from the design of the AoT effect which is different from the two previous effects. The sound effect when you press the recall button repeatedly is also more unique and interesting than Fire Crown and Seal of Anvil Crawler

You can get it straight away Attack on Titan Recall Effect today without having to wait for a resale like the two previous 'bags' effects. Immediately join the MLBB x AoT event right now, the event is only three days away, don't miss it!

Buy Diamond Mobile Legends now to do it draw to increase your chances of getting the top prize in the first 10 tries. 

Apart from that, you can also do a single spin with capital of 50 Diamonds or 10 direct attempts using 450 Diamonds. 

AoT Version Effects
Use these 300 tokens to exchange the recall effect

If this method doesn't work, you still have the opportunity to buy AoT recall items using the tokens you get from every time you spin. Exchange 300 tokens at event shop before closing. 

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Don't lose the opportunity to get another provocative recall item! Immediately Top Up Diamond Mobile Legends right now. 

Make sure you always Top Up Diamond ML in a cheap, safe and reliable place VCGamers Marketplace!

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