Taunting at M5, Geek Nnael Suspended for Two Matches

Taunting Geek Fam vs DeusVult m5 Nnael Suspended

Geek Nnael was suspended for two matches in the Mobile Legends M5 World Championship. This is the aftermath of the taunting he did after his team, Geek Fam, won against DeusVult yesterday, Tuesday, December 5 2023.

This incident occurred after the 3rd match between the two teams ended. Where, the Geek Fam roster was seen shouting and making movements towards DeusVult.

Taunting Deusvult
Source: YouTube/MPL Indonesia

Before doing that, in the second match they also received similar treatment from DeusVult's Exp Laner, Kidbomba.

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Geek Nnael Suspended for 2 Matches at M5 World Championship

Geek Nael was suspended for taunting on m5 MLBB
Source: YouTube/MPL Indonesia

Geek Nnael was judged to have taken a number of inappropriate actions after the third match ended. Moonton immediately followed up on this.

In MPL ID's Instagram story, it can be seen that he was shouting at the DeusVult players while making a number of movements. Not long after that, he and his team immediately left the venue.

Moonton immediately took firm action by suspending the Geek Fam jungler. Because, Nnael is considered to have violated the rules of the Mobile Legends world championship.

“We are aware of the unacceptable behavior carried out by Geek Fam Jungler, Nnael, while competing against DeusVult today, December 5, 2023. Based on the tournament regulations, Nnael has violated the tournament rules which prohibit any participant or team member from making inappropriate movements and insulting," wrote the official MPL Indonesia Instagram account.

It was also stated that the M5 World Championship committee had decided to impose sanctions on Nnael.

“The committee has decided to impose a two-match suspension on Nnael. "We will closely monitor any similar scenarios and ensure all teams are reminded of the rules regarding professionalism," he said.

Apart from that, they also said that the M5 organizers strive to uphold professionalism and will not tolerate any form of negative behavior.

“We also expect professional players to follow a strict code of ethics. Let's watch M5's exciting matches!” that's what the account said.

Geek Reaction Nnael Suspended Due to Taunting DeusVult

Geek Nael
Source: MPL Indonesia

Nnael also provided clarification regarding the sanctions he received. He also apologized for this.

"Consciously and of my own desire at this time, I want to apologize for my behavior which may not be tolerated by some parties and violates ethics or regulations," he said in an Instagram story.

Nnael admitted that he was sorry for this action and promised not to be more careful and not to repeat it again.

"Maybe I was too excited and happy because this was an important moment for me in an international tournament because this was my first time. "But, whatever it is, I know it cannot be used as an excuse and can be justified," he wrote.

Nnael also explained that he just wanted to have fun and entertain the supporters and spectators.

“For DeusVult, I'm so sorry for overreacting, there was never any bad or deliberate intention to hurt anyone. I love this game. "I love the MLBB community, this team and this event, for Indonesia," he said.

He also emphasized that he never had the intention to disappoint anyone. “I just want to try & fight to bring victory to you. Thank you and sorry," said Nnael.

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However, Geek Fam managed to win with a score of 2-1 in the match with the Best of Three (BO3) format. This is Geek Fam's first win in the Mobile Legends M5 World Chamiponship event.

Continue to support your champion team to achieve victory in the M5 MLBB which is being held in the Philippines.

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