Earthquake, Visitors to the M5 World Championship Venue Evacuated

m5 Mlbb earthquake notification

An earthquake disaster occurred in the middle of the match Mobile Legends M5 World Championship in the Philippines.

The earthquake disaster caused the match between Fire Flux Esports x RRQ Akira to be postponed.

The first match between the two teams has finished. As a result, Fire Flux won the match.

Victory was achieved after the match lasted 13 minutes and 50 seconds. Fire Flux managed to eliminate 11 times and RRQ Aqira 3 times.

The M5 World Championship live broadcast on YouTube Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Indonesia said that there is currently an earthquake.

"Earthquake Disaster: Venue is in the process of being evacuated," said the message embedded on the YouTube channel.

m5 mlbb earthquake

Not only that, in the first match between Fire Flux Esport x RRQ Aqira there was also a notification that an earthquake had occurred.

The notification appeared at 12 minutes and 16 seconds of the match.

“Earthquake nearby, Expect shaking. Estimated magnitude 5. about 89.6 miles away," wrote the notification that appeared in the game.

earthquake at m5 mlbb

Even though the notification appeared, the match continued until finally RRQ Akira was defeated.

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Mobile Legends fans need to be patient and wait for information regarding when the game will resume.

Because, the most important thing is the safety of the players, spectators, organizers and all parties present to watch the match live.

Based on monitoring on the MLBB Indonesia YouTube channel, the embedded message regarding the earthquake has been deleted.

Currently, at around 16.45 WIB, the match between Fire Flux Esports and RRQ Akira has resumed.

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