M5 World Championship 2023 Teams and Roster Officially Compete!

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The M5 World Championship will be the final tournament of the event Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in 2023. Several teams and their M5 World Champonship roster have also been released.

This time, the Philippines will host the M Series tournament after previously being held in Indonesia.

In the previous M-Series, ECHO Esports from the Philippines emerged as champions after defeating Blacklist International in the grand final of the M4 World Championship.

So, here is the list of teams along with the roster that will compete in the M5 World Championship.

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M5 World Championships

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M5 World Championship Visual Logo (Source: MLBBesports_official)

The M5 World Championship is the final series of tournaments and world championships for the competitive season of Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang which was officially held by Montoon.

This tournament will feature extraordinary teams from Asia, North America Europe, the Middle East, Latin America to North Africa (MENA).

The M5 World Championship will start with the Wild Card round on November 23 2023 located in Kuala Lumpur until the Main Stage round which ends on December 17 2023 in the Philippines.

All teams will compete to win prizes with a total prize pool worth $900,000 USD or the equivalent of Rp. 14.2 Billion.

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M5 World Championship Team and Roster

roster m5 (3)
M5 World Championship Roster Team (Source: MLBBesports_official)

Now is the time to find out who the extraordinary rosters from abroad are who are ready to compete to be able to win for their team and thus win the title of champion in this tournament.

The following are the best teams and rosters that have been officially announced via the Official MLBB Esports Instagram account, namely @mlbbesports_official on November 6, 2023. Who do you think? Just go ahead, no need for further ado!

TEAM FLASH – Singapore

  • Lolsie (Roamer)
  • Adammir (EXP Lane)
  • Jayy (Mid Lane)
  • Hades (Jungler)
  • Vanix (Goldlaner)
  • my bloopymi (Mid Lane)
  • Kayzeepi (Analyst)
  • Remaniscent (Coach)

GEEK FAM – Indonesia

  • Baloyskie (Roamer)
  • LUKE (EXP Lane)
  • Aboy (Mid Lane)
  • Nnael (Jungler)
  • Caderaa (Goldlaner)
  • Markyyy (Goldlaner)
  • Erpang (Coach)


  • Trolls (Roamer)
  • Sanjii (EXP Lane)
  • Cuffins (Mid Lane)
  • Tarzannn (Jungler)
  • Fury (Goldlane)
  • Krauser (EXP Lane)
  • Saano (Jungler)
  • Zuzu (Analyst)
  • Lyrics (Coach)


  • SuperShark (Roamer)
  • Mielow (EXP Lane)
  • Hoon (Mid Lane)
  • Bestplayer1 (Jungler)
  • ZIA (Goldlaner)
  • Wrath (Roamer)
  • PikaPikaML (Coach)

ONIC ESPORTS – Indonesia

  • Kiboy (Roamer)
  • Butsss (EXP Lane)
  • Sanz (Mid Lane)
  • Kairi (Jungler)
  • CW (Goldlaner)
  • Alberttt (Goldlaner)
  • Adi (Analyst)
  • Coachyeb (Coach)

RRQ AKIRA – Brazil

  • Luizz (Roamer)
  • Tekashi (EXP Lane)
  • Seigen (Mid Lane)
  • Kiing (Jungler)
  • Gustalagusta (Goldlaner)
  • blink (Roamer)
  • Mariana (Analyst)
  • cabral (Coach)

DEUS VULT – Russia

  • SAWO (Roamer)
  • Kidbomba (EXP Lane)
  • SunsetLover (Mid Lane)
  • Magistor (Jungler)
  • Carvi (Goldlaner)
  • Lil (Goldlaner)
  • Shisu1Skie (EXP Lane)
  • MCGREGORIY (Analyst)
  • FlySolo (Coach)


  • APEX47 (Roamer)
  • Aliens (EXP Lane)
  • Rosa (Mid Lane)
  • Paranoid (Jungler)
  • Sunshine (Goldlaner)
  • Tienzy (Jungler)
  • Sigibum (Analyst)
  • Badgalseph (Coach)


  • Blinkx (Roamer)
  • Carbons (EXP Lane)
  • Lina (Mid Lane)
  • Nico (Jungler)
  • Stitches (Goldlaner)
  • Shadows (EXP Lane)
  • DJ (Analyst)
  • lynndaddy (Coach)


  • Renejay (Roamer)
  • Edward (EXP Lane)
  • Hadji (Mid Lane)
  • Sensui (Jungler)
  • Oheb (Goldlaner)
  • Owls (Goldlaner)
  • Yue (Mid Lane)
  • DexStar (Analyst)
  • MasterTheBasics (Coach)


  • LunnaOMBald (Roamer)
  • Black (EXP Lane)
  • Sindra (Mid Lane)
  • Buzizio (Jungler)
  • SupperUppa (Goldlaner)
  • Akashi (Goldlaner)
  • Valeria (Analyst)
  • Darkness (Coach)

SEE YOU SOON – Cambodia

  • BoxiTheKing (Roamer)
  • SryImFelix (EXP Lane)
  • Raa (Mid Lane)
  • MPTheKing (Jungler)
  • Kusey (Goldlaner)
  • Tuzu (Jungler)
  • RunTheKing (Goldlaner)
  • Jin (Analyst)
  • CatGod (Coach)

HOMEBOIS – Malaysia

  • BoxiTheKing (Roamer)
  • SryImFelix (EXP Lane)
  • Raa (Mid Lane)
  • MPTheKing (Jungler)
  • Kusey (Goldlaner)
  • Tuzu (Jungler)
  • RunTheKing (Goldlaner)
  • Jin (Analyst)
  • CatGod (Coach)

AP BREN – Philippines

  • Owgwen (Roamer)
  • FlapTzy (EXP Lane)
  • Pheww (Mid Lane)
  • KyleTzy (Jungler)
  • SuperMarco (Goldlaner)
  • Pando (EXP Lane)
  • Vren (Analyst)
  • Ducky (Coach)

So, those are the 14 teams and their best roster that will compete on the Main Stage of the M5 World Championship. Is your favorite roster taking part in this prestigious tournament?

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M5 World Championship Wild Card Participating Team

roster m5 (2)
M5 World Championship Wild Card Roster (Source: MLBBesports_official)

After finding out the best roster that will be fielded in the Main Stage round at the M5 World Championship. It turns out, there are several teams whose rosters have been announced in advance on the Official MLBB Esports Instagram account, namely @mlbbesports_official on November 1, 2023 for the Wild Card round, namely as follows:


  • Godyang
  • Tides
  • LMU 
  • Past 
  • Siyu 
  • Simba
  • spirits (Analyst)
  • Webby (Coach)


  • Clock
  • Yahiko
  • Masarap
  • LunaticPanda
  • Xerox
  • Hybrid
  • Genji (Analyst)
  • Amoux (Coach)


  • Juviana
  • 2Ez4Lexxy
  • Sosoul
  • Khammy
  • J4zBin
  • CaTJN4 (Analyst)
  • Alain (Coach)

TEAM LILGUN – Mongolia

  • Bebex
  • Forbid
  • Ethan
  • Zxaura
  • Aizn
  • MrLi
  • Milly (Analyst)
  • CoachMitch (Coach)

UMBRELLA SQUAD – America & Russia

  • Castle
  • Marl
  • Trouble maker
  • BlackMarch
  • AFK
  • EvilKing
  • Fangor
  • Finashev (Analyst)
  • Defenders (Coach)


  • Hulk
  • Leo
  • Goodnight
  • Lawrick
  • Super
  • Ramez
  • kevin (Coach)


  • Markinho
  • Yuri
  • Mirrors
  • Steph
  • ElViejoMax (Coach)

TEAM SMG – Malaysia

  • Smooth
  • Subway
  • Saxa
  • Stormie
  • SaSa
  • Mikko
  • Loong (Analyst)
  • Coach Pao (Coach)

So, those are the eight teams that will compete in the Wild Card round of the M5 World Championship. So, who do you think will get a ticket to the preliminary round in this tournament?

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M5 World Championship Schedule and Location

M5 Venue 2023
M5 World Championship Venue (Source: MLBBesports_official)

The following is the schedule and location for the M5 World Championship, you have to note it down so you don't forget!

For those of you who intend to go to watch directly at the venue, you can come to the arena below!

  • WILD CARD: JIO Space, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia (23 – 26 November 2023).
  • GROUP STAGE & KNOCKOUT STAGE PHASE 1: EVM Convention Center, Manila – Philippines (2 – 12 December 2023).
  • STAGE PHASE 2 KNOCKOUTS & GRAND FINALS: Rizal Memorial Coliseum, Manila – Philippines (15 – 17 December, 2023).

For those of you who want to watch the Group Stage to the Grand Final in the Philippines, you can buy it at  https://slashevent.com/e/m5-world-championship-regulartickets which is priced from ₱150 – ₱700 or from IDR 150 thousand to IDR 800 thousand.

But, it's a shame that if you want to watch the Wild Card round in Malaysia, the tickets are on the website www.ticket2u.com.my/m5 it's sold out.

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So, those are the 22 teams that will compete in the M5 World Championship. So, can you predict who will win the M-Series title this year?

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