Philippines Becomes Host of M5 Mobile Legends

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The host of the M5 World Championship Mobile Legends has been announced before the M4 Grand Final round some time ago. The country that will host M5 Mobile Legends is the Philippines.

The M World Series is the biggest Mobile Legends tournament for all game fans from Moonton.

Where, teams that have previously participated in qualifications from various countries meet and compete to determine the greatest team that has ever existed.

Several countries have been selected to host the M World Series Mobile Legends. Starting from Malaysia, Singapore to Indonesia.

This shows that Mobile Legends fans are scattered in various countries.

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M Series World Championship

Champion 1 M World Series MLBB, M5 Mobile Legends
EVOS Legends Champion M1 World Championship Mobile Legends. Source: YT/Snipe Gaming TV

The Philippines hosted the M5 Mobile Legends event after the M4 event in Indonesia was completed and running successfully.

Of course it is not surprising that the Philippines was chosen to host the M5. This is because the Mobile Legends team from the Philippines has won three of the four M World Series that have been held.

In the M World Series scenario, only two countries have won the M World Series. Namely, Indonesia and the Philippines.

One of the teams from Indonesia once dominated the M World Series. That team is EVOS Legends.

EVOS Legends managed to become the champion M1 in Malaysia after winning against RRQ Hoshi in the M1 grand final with a score of 4-3.

Not only that, the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the tournament also came from Indonesia, namely Oura, who has now become the boss of the GPX esports team. At that time, the Prize Pool prepared was $250,000.

The next M World Series was held about a year later in Singapore. In that tournament, the total PrizePool prepared was increased to $300,000.

The champion of M2 Mobile Legends is Bren Esports. They managed to beat the Burmese Ghouls team from Myanmar in the grand final with a narrow score of 4-3.

Then, moving on to the M3 World Championship which was held in Singapore. The tournament was again won by the Mobile Legends team from the Philippines, namely Blacklist International.

Blacklist managed to become the M3 champion after winning with a score of 3-0 in the Grand Final of the M3 World Championship which brought them together with ONIC PH.

The total PrizePool M3 has increased far from before. The amount of PrizePool provided for competing teams is $800,000.

Furthermore, we recently finished holding the M4 World Championship Mobile Legends event in Jakarta.

Blacklist International, the champion of M3, is back in the Grand Final. They entered the Grand Final after defeating ECHO in the upper bracket final.

This exhaustion caused ECHO to crash into the lower bracket and waited for the team to compete with her for a slot in the grand final.

M4 Prize
ECHO, 1st Place M4 World Championship

After that, the two teams competing to face ECHO were ONIC Esports and RRQ Hoshi from Indonesia.

The match was won by RRQ Hoshi, so they continued to advance to the final round of the lower bracket of the M4 World Championship.

As a result, RRQ was defeated by ECHO. Thus, ECHO again faced Blacklist International.

In the Grand Final, ECHO succeeded in wrapping up the Blacklist with a score of 4-0. The team won by a landslide in the match that determined the champion of the M4 World Championship.

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Philippines Becomes Host of M5 Mobile Legends

M4 Grand Final Venue, Philippines M5 World Championship
Illustration: M4 Grand Final Venue

The Philippines will host M5 Mobile Legends. Later, teams from various countries will come there to compete in the most prestigious and biggest Mobile Legends tournament.

Information regarding the Philippines hosting the next M World Series was conveyed at the implementation of the M4 World Championship.

This was conveyed by Abraham “Bambol” Tolentino, President of the Philippine Olympic Committee.

We are very excited that the M5 will be playing in the Philippines,” he said in the canal YouTube Snipes.

So see you guys M5 on Philippines, thank you very much Jakarta, thank you very much Moonton,” continued Abraham closing his remarks.

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