Complete Profile Roster Blacklist International Mobile Legends

The M4 World Championship has reached its peak, leaving only Blacklist International and ECHO in the Grand Final match.

Before watching the match between the two teams from the Philippines, it's a good idea to talk about the two teams.

Some of the esports connoisseurs Mobile Legends maybe you don't know about the two teams that will be competing in the M4 Grand Final.

However, don't worry because below is a complete discussion about Blacklist International, the team that will face ECHO in the Grand Final of M4.

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Blacklist International Team Profile

Roster Blacklist International
Roster in M4 World Championship. Source: Instagram/@blacklistintl

Blacklist International is a Mobile Legends team from the Philippines. Under Tier One Entertainment, this Mobile Legends division team was established in 2020.

Because they come from the Philippines, of course they play in the Southeast Asia region and take part in the Philippine MPL. The entire roster is trained by three trainers namely BON CHAN, Master the Basics, and DEX STAR.

All coaches and pro players who play for this team have Filipino citizenship. By page Liquipedia, they are one of the most successful teams in Southeast Asia based on a total prize pool of around $487,215.

Curious who are the pro players who play for Blacklist International? Come on, see the full roster below!

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Blacklist International Complete Roster

Blacklist International Team
Roster Blacklist International

Blacklist International has eight active players and all of them are from the Philippines. Led by OhMyV33NUS as captain, here is the full line-up that played for the Filipino team:

Active Roster
nickname Name Position Country of origin
EDWARD Edward Jay Dadap EXP Lane Philippines
oheb Kiel Calvin Q. Soriano Gold Lane Philippines
Hadji Salic Alauya Imam Roamers Philippines
OhMyV33NUS Jonmar Villaluna Roamers Philippines
ESON Mark Jayson Gerardo Midlane Philippines
Dex Star Dexter Louise Cruz Alaba Midlane Philippines
KEVIER Kent Xavier López jungler Philippines
Wise Danerie James Del Rosario jungler Philippines

Like any other team, there have been some changes that have occurred. However, the roster above is the newest roster in 2023.

They have accomplished many extraordinary feats. For those of you who are curious about what achievements they have got, let's see the discussion below!

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List of Previous Tournament Achievements

Back to Back MPL Philippines
Back to Back MPL Philippines. Source: ONE Esports

As one of the most feared teams, of course they often get extraordinary achievements. The following is a table of the best achievements by Blacklist International.

Blacklist International Achievement
Date Position Tournament Name Present
May 30, 2021 The first champion MPL Philippines Season 7 $31,400
June 13, 2021 Runner up MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2021 $30,000
October 24, 2021 The first champion MPL Philippines Season 8 $45,200
November 7, 2021 Runner up ONE Esports MPL Invitational 2021 $18,000
December 19, 2021 The first champion M3 World Championships $300,000
October 23, 2022 The first champion MPL Philippines Season 10 $45,060

Like other regions, the Philippines also has MPL for teams from that country. As a team from the Philippines, Blacklist International has won the MPL Philippines three times, in Seasons 7, 8 and 10.

In addition, the team also had won M3 World Championships, an international tournament Mobile Legends to be held in 2021.

The total prizes they got were also not half-hearted. Only from the M3 World Championship alone, they managed to bring home cash up to $300,000 and a trophy to be proud of.

M4 World Championships

M4 World Championships
M4 World Championships

After M3, of course we already know that the M4 World Championship has already taken place and today the Grand Final will be held.

The Grand Final that will be held is a match between two giant teams from the Philippines, namely Blacklist International and ECHO.

The two teams will compete in the Grand Final match of the M4 World Championship with the bo7 or best of 7 format.

They managed to beat other teams to enter the Grand Final, such as RRQ Hoshi and ONIC Esports from Indonesia.

If you're curious, there are M4 Grand Final schedule that you can see so you don't miss the top of the most prestigious Mobile Legends tournament this year.

Thus the discussion regarding the complete Blacklist International roster, hope this is useful! Stay tuned for information about Esports latest only on VCGamers News.

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