The Philippine Team is Confirmed to be the Champion of M4 Mobile Legends

Team Philippines Champion m4 World Championship Mobile Legends

The Filipino team will certainly win the M4 World Championship Mobile Legends which will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia from 1-15 January 2023.

Thus, the Philippines Mobile Legends Team has won the M series title three times in a row for the last three years.

M4 World Championships Mobile Legends is the biggest and most prestigious Mobile Legends tournament.

As many as 16 teams from various countries have participated in every match held in Jakarta for some time.

They have participated in the group stage and knockout stages throughout the predetermined schedule.

Some teams were forced to leave the tournament because they lost to other teams.

However, the Mobile Legends Philippines team will win the M4 World Championship. Why is that? Let's see!

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The Philippines Team Wins M4 Mobile Legends

m4 mobile legends champion
Echo vs Blacklist International

There are two Mobile Legends Teams from the Philippines in the M4 World Championship in Jakarta. The two Filipino teams are ECHO and Blacklist International.

ECHO and Blacklist are the MLBB teams that won the MPL PH Season 10.

In the Grand Final of MPL PH Season 10 Blacklist International won with a score of 4-2 beating ECHO.

Thus, Blacklist International won the MPL PH.

Regarding the Blacklist, of course there is no need to doubt it. They also have a very large track record of achievements in the esports scene.

Blacklist International is the champion of M3 World Championship after defeating team from the same country ONIC PH.

This time, at the M4 World Championship, Blacklist showed his skills again. Likewise with ECHO.

The two teams from the Philippines will compete in the Grand Final of the M4 World Championship today.

The winning team will later become the M4 Mobile Legends champion. While the losing team will be the 2nd winner.

So, it is certain that the two teams will become the champions of M4 Moible Legends.

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ECHO vs Blacklist International

Echo vs Blacklist M4 Match Results
The ECHO vs Blacklist match in the Upper Bracket M4 Mobile Legends final.

Before competing today and in MPL Season 10, the two Mobile Legends teams also have a track record in the M4 World Championship.

In the knockout round, for example, the two teams were in the upper bracket along with two proud teams from Indonesia, ONIC Esports and RRQ Hoshi.

Blacklist International managed to secure a ticket to enter the upper bracket final after defeating RRQ Hoshi. Likewise with ECHO who made it to the final after defeating ONIC Esports.

Blacklist and ECHO's wins brought them together in the upper bracket final. As a result, Blacklist International came out victorious and immediately advanced to the M4 grand final.

Philippines International Blacklist M4 Roster, Champion of M4 Mobile Legends
Blacklist International

Meanwhile, ECHO had to crash from the upper bracket to the lower bracket.

The team from the Philippines also had to wait for their opponent in the lower bracket final to win and enter the M4 grand final.

The team that met with ECHO was a team from Indonesia, namely RRQ Hoshi.

Before competing with ECHO, RRQ Hoshi had already defeated the Indonesian team, ONIC Esports.

The match between ECHO and RRQ Hoshi took place a few hours later.

echo vs blacklist international 2, m4 mobile legends champion,

As a result, ECHO won and qualified for the grand final to face Blacklist International.

Today, the two teams will compete for the M4 World Championship Mobile Legends trophy.

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Look forward to the grand final match M4 World Championships today. Give support to the team you champion in the biggest M4 tournament in the world!

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