RRQ Hoshi Wins 3rd Place in M4 Mobile Legends, Here's the Prize!

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RRQ Hoshi won the 3rd M4 World Championship Mobile Legends. The team from Indonesia expressed their gratitude to all supporters in Indonesia.

RRQ Hoshi is one of the two Indonesian teams included in M4 Mobile Legends in Jakarta.

They also entered the upper bracket in the knockout round M4 Mobile Legends. After that, the team won two wins before finally failing in the lower bracket final of the M4 World Championship.

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RRQ Hoshi Won 3rd M4 World Championship Mobile Legends

RRQ Hoshi Won 3 M4
RRQ Hoshi's roster gave greetings when the match against ECHO ended.

The Esports team from Indonesia, RRQ Hoshi won 3rd place in M4 Mobile Legends after losing to one of the representatives from the Philippines, namely ECHO.

RRQ lost with a score of 3-1 in the lower bracket final match which was held last night.

RRQ's move to enter the grand final was thwarted by ECHO, who was also together in the upper bracket.

These two teams, both RRQ and ECHO, were defeated by another team from the Philippines who had already been on the M4 grand final, namely Blacklist International.

Through its official Instagram account, RRQ Hoshi expressed his gratitude for the support of all parties so that he could fight to reach the lower bracket final.

ECHO vs RRQ Hoshi, rrq wins 3 m4
The ECHO roster celebrates the victory against RRQ Hoshi

"Thank you Indonesia for your support so that RRQ Hoshi can be at its current stage," wrote the Instagram account in a post uploaded yesterday.

Not to forget, they also apologized for not being able to present the M Series trophy this time.

"And sorry we haven't been able to present the M Series trophy at this time. GGWP RRQ Hoshi, sponsors and Kingdoms for their enthusiasm for the M4 Championship. See you at the next tournament. Live Indonesia, "said the caption of the video.

The upload certainly received various reactions from other Instagram account users.

A number of them also appreciated RRQ for having fought in the biggest Mobile Legends tournament in the universe.

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From Upper to Lower Brackets

RRQ Hoshi's m4 roster

RRQ Hoshi was previously in the Upper Bracket of the M4 World Championship. However they dropped to the Lower Bracket after losing to Blacklist International.

In the Lower Bracket, RRQ competed with a number of teams and managed to win.

Some of the teams they have defeated include Falcon and ONIC Esports.

RRQ Hoshi won with a score of 3-2 over Falcon Esports

The successive wins from the two teams finally brought RRQ to the top of the lower bracket and competed against ECHO.

In that match, RRQ had to acknowledge the abilities of the ECHO players.

Despite losing to Blacklist International, ECHO managed to win the match with a score of 3-1 against RRQ.

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Prize for 3rd Place M4 World Championship

When does m4 World Championship Start 2, M4 Mobile Legends Rewards
PrizePool M4 World Championship

The total PrizePool in the M4 World Championship Mobile Legends event is $800,000.

RRQ Hoshi, who is the 3rd winner of M4, will receive a prize of billions of rupiah.

Quoted from the page liquipedia, the total prize that will be received by the 3rd place winner is $80,000 or 10 percent of the total PrizePool.

If converted into rupiah, the prize that RRQ will bring home after becoming the 3rd M4 champion is IDR 1,209,188,000.00 (IDR 15,114.85, 15 January 2023)

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