Results of the Match ECHO vs RRQ Hoshi Lower Bracket Final M4

ECHO vs RRQ Hoshi, rrq wins 3 m4

The results of the best of 5 Lower Bracket Final match between ECHO from the Philippines vs RRQ Hoshi from Indonesia in the M4 World Championship Mobile Legends contained many important, very tense moments.

The winner of the match will face Blacklist International in the M4 Grand Finals, the culmination match that will win the first place trophy and cash prize.

For the losing team, they have to go home and have to give up their dream of lifting the M4 trophy.

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ECHO vs RRQ Hoshi Match Results

Lower Bracket Final ECHO vs RRQ Hoshi
Venue Lower Bracket Finals

RRQ Hoshi consists of players from Indonesia namely VYN, Clayyy, R7, Skylar, Alberttt, and two substitute players namely Lemon and Banana.

They have to fight ECHO with the roster of Sanford, Sanji, Bennyqt, Yawi, and also KarlTzy.

The two teams entered the M4 tournament through the Lower Bracket and one of the two teams had to go home if they failed to win a bo5 match.

For those of you who are curious, below is a recap of all the matches between ECHO and RRQ Hoshi in the Lower Bracket Final.

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ECHO vs RRQ Hoshi First Game

First Game of the Lower Bracket Finals
First Game of Lower Bracket Final Won by ECHO

ECHO managed to win the first match thanks to the constant pressure put on the RRQ Hoshi team.

The total dominance of the Filipino team was so strong that it was difficult for RRQ Hoshi to hold back, as evidenced by the quite large difference in elimination points, namely 17 – 6 by ECHO.

The MVP of the game was ECHO Sanford using Yu Zhong. The following is a complete roster with the heroes they use.

Player Heroes Player Heroes
Sanji Kadita Clayyy Yve
Sanford Yu Zhong R7 Lapu Lapu
Bennyqt Harith Skylar Beatrix
KarlTzy Barats Alberttt Martis
Yawi Kaja vyn Grock
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Game Two ECHO vs RRQ Hoshi

Game Two ECHO vs RRQ
RRQ Hoshi Second Game Victory vs ECHO

RRQ Hoshi managed to avenge the defeat in the first game. In the second game, the team from Indonesia was able to gain strong dominance from the early game.

The second match took place relatively quickly, namely 13 minutes. RRQ Alberttt managed to get MVP with Karina without experiencing a single pickoff or 0 death.

With revenge in the second game, RRQ Hoshi still has a chance to advance to the Grand Final of the M4 World Championship.

Player Heroes Player Heroes
Sanji Valentina Clayyy Yve
Sanford Grock R7 Yu Zhong
Bennyqt Karrie Skylar Brody
KarlTzy Chou Alberttt Karina
Yawi Hilda vyn Diggie
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Game Three ECHO vs RRQ Hoshi

Game Three ECHO vs RRQ Hoshi
Game Three Win by ECHO for Match Point

The third game started quite tight. RRQ Hoshi managed to take the lead in terms of gold, but ECHO turned things around with several key moments during the match.

Won by ECHO, the Lower Bracket Final match finally went to a match point by ECHO. One more win in game four meant that ECHO would advance to the Grand Finals and RRQ Hoshi had to fall.

ECHO Sanford again became MVP with Lapu Lapu's hero. Getting 94% Kill Participation, he is entitled to MVP in this third game.

Player Heroes Player Heroes
Sanji Pharsa Clayyy Yve
Sanford Lapu Lapu R7 Yu Zhong
Bennyqt Karrie Skylar Beatrix
KarlTzy Akai Alberttt Hayabusa
Yawi Atlas vyn Grock
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Fourth Game ECHO vs RRQ Hoshi

Final Push by ECHO Bennyqt vs RRQ Hoshi
Final Push by Bennyqt to Win Lower Bracket Final

Match Point between ECHO vs RRQ Hoshi starts with a balance in terms of EXP and Gold. However, in 10 minutes the ECHO team managed to get the advantage in terms of gold up to 3.6 thousand because they won the teamfight.

RRQ Hoshi almost found it difficult to withstand the pressure from ECHO, but in 15 minutes they managed to protect the base that was already open from the ECHO team.

The next teamfight was very tense, especially for the RRQ Hoshi team and the supporters at Tennis Indoor Senayan.

The battle for Lord in the 17th minute was underway but RRQ Hoshi failed to win the teamfight so ECHO won the fourth game after picking off the RRQ Hoshi team players.

Player Heroes Player Heroes
Sanji Pharsa Clayyy Faramis
Sanford Lapu Lapu R7 Gloo
Bennyqt Claude Skylar Irithel
KarlTzy Akai Alberttt Karina
Yawi Chou vyn Franco

ECHO managed to win the Lower Bracket Final match against RRQ Hoshi and will continue to the Grand Final against Blacklist International.

Nice try for RRQ Hoshi and good luck for ECHO in M4 Grand Final! Keep up with information around the world Esports only on VCGamers News.

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