RRQ Hoshi Match Recap in the M4 World Championship

RRQ Hoshi M4

M4 World Championships already underway and this time, the participating teams are undergoing the Group Stage phase, one of which is RRQ Hoshi from Indonesia.

Through this article, we will discuss the match recap RRQ Hoshi so far in the Group Stage phase as one of the representatives from Indonesia. Curious about their current results and points? Let's see the short recap below!

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RRQ Hoshi vs Occupy Thrones

RRQ Hoshi M4 Game 1 Recap
RRQ Hoshi vs Occupy Thrones results. Source: YouTube/MPL Indonesia

RRQ Hoshi started M4 with a win over the team from MENA, namely Occupy Thrones or OT. Winning the match, RRQ won one point for the Group Stage phase.

The victory was not that easy for this team from Indonesia to get. The majority of the early game phase is dominated by Occupy Thrones, until there are moments that create RRQ Skylar and RRQ Lemon free hit.

That moment became the turning point of the match and RRQ Hoshi won in the 22nd minute.

Not only the moment when RRQ Skylar and RRQ Lemon gave free hits, RRQ Vyn was also one of the players who was very influential in changing the positioning of OT players.

However, the MVP of this match is RRQ Lemon thanks to Kill Participation up to 86% from the early game rotation to the final teamfight.

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RRQ Hoshi vs ECHO

RRQ Hoshi vs ECHO. Source: YouTube/MPL Indonesia

The next match was a loss for the RRQ Hoshi team. Unfortunately, they failed to get any points so they are in third place in Group C this time.

This defeat stems from the last pick Khufra which can thwart the presence of RRQ R7 when a teamfight occurs.

In addition, the ECHO team also continues to provide promising follow-ups so that the teamwork produces sweet results such as the pick-off of RRQ Hoshi players.

ECHO's inaugural performance from the Philippines was very strong, as evidenced by Benny QT who was not hit by a pickoff at all in the game against RRQ.

With 88%'s Kill Participation and aggressive play in the Mid Lane area, ECHO Sanji was the MVP for the match.

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RRQ Match Schedule

M4 schedule
Next RRQ Match. Source: ONE Esports

RRQ Hoshi's struggle doesn't end. There is still one more match to qualify from the Group Stage and play in the Knockout Stage phase.

The last match is RRQ Hoshi against RSG Singapore. RRQ Hoshi must win the match to guarantee an upper bracket slot in the Knockout Stage phase.

RRQ Hoshi vs RSG SG will take place on January 4 2023, at 19:00 WIB to be exact. For you RRQ Hoshi fans, of course, don't miss it!

You can watch live M4 World Championship matches including the RRQ Hoshi vs RSG SG match on the YouTube channel Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Official.

Thus the discussion regarding RRQ Hoshi's recap at the M4 World Championship. Don't forget to continue to support RRQ Hoshi as a representative from Indonesia!

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