Hanabi Counter Item Recommendations in Mobile Legends 2022

Hanabi's Counter Items

Hanabi is one of the heroes who is quite annoying in Mobile Legends 2022. However, you can beat him by using this recommendation of Hanabi's counter items.

Unlike Beatrix, Hanabi is currently probably the best scorer in Mobile Legends 2022. You have to fight this high damage with some friends for Hanabi Mobile Legends. Don't let him in the late game.

This hero's DPS can be very weak at the beginning of the game and not really felt. But in the late game, it's a different story because he can easily sweep away his opponents. This was because the skill was extremely powerful.

In terms of gameplay, it's actually easy to beat him. You have to be aggressive to be able to play early in the game and constantly distract the hero. By the time you finish at the start of the game, it's gone at the end of the game.

Okay, but this time we will discuss Hanabi's item counter. You can also fight this MM from the VCGamers version of Hanabi's item counter. Vicigers friends can say many things that are appropriate for you to bring to the Land Of Dawn.

List of Hanabi MLBB Counter Items

There are many things you can use against him. Don't underestimate this hero, even though he is very weak at the beginning of the game. But later in the game, Hanabi is a very strong DPS monster.

Of course, there are many Hanabi counter items that you can use. So we will provide a number of things that can be used if you later play against him in Mobile Legends. Here are some things you should buy.

Wind of Nature

Hanabi's Counter Items

If you use marketers against Hanabi, don't forget to buy Wind of Nature. He who relies heavily on car attacks, might be able to fight later. By far the most effective.

Hanabi can be considered as a glass cannon. Even though the damage is great, he is easy to kill. You can take advantage of it by using Nature's Wind and fighting without taking high damage, which is effectively used as a counter item for Hanabi Mobile Legends.

Because this item is very suitable against MM, especially with very painful damage, there must be a WON (Wind of Nature) item against very painful damage and heroes with physical damage to work.

Shadow Twinblades

Hanabi's Counter Items

Hanabi's next counter item is Shadow Twinblade. She is very weak against magical assassin heroes, and this Shadow Twinblade article can be your chapter on how to destroy Hanabi in no time. This has a terrible effect.

This double-bladed shadow item is very good for magic killers to seize hanabi, and besides this hanabi is very easy to kill magic killers, so this item is very important for magic killers because this hanabi and other MM are fighting.

Hanabi also didn't break free when she was killed by a stomach killer with high damage. Not to mention that he didn't have the ability to escape, it was easy to be stopped constantly by any hero.

Blade Armor

Hanabi's Counter Items

He can be very weak with Blade Armor this, so it's easier for you to fight him during the game until the next stage of the game. You must wear this blade armor, because you will get a buff, because it is very good for physical attacks on heroes.

In addition, you can get damage from him using blade armor, where the hero feels high damage. Hanabi's anti-damage item is very suitable to be combined with ice domination. Because this thing can be strengthened with a long harness. 

Dominance Ice

Hanabi's Counter Items

As previously mentioned, dominance ice it's great if you combine it with blade armor as a Hanabi counter item. Having a status of +70 physical defense, +500 mana, and +5 percent movement speed, this item is a must to bring with a tanker or fighter hero when fighting Hanabi. 

Hanabi who has an innate lifesteal can lower its effect by using the anti-heal effect from dominance ice. This will also greatly affect the shield, very strong as a counter for the kunoichi.

Also, you can weaken both of Hanabi's powerful factors with just one object at a time, judging by her passive and power status.

The passive effect of Dominance Ice, in addition to reducing ASPD, also has an anti-healing effect. This anti-half effect is very important against Hanabi so it has an innate lifestyle that you can reduce, can also affect shields, as strong as opponents in Hanabi Mobile Legends (ML).

Dominance ice is very good against him because it reduces the attack speed of hanabi's speed and this thing is very suitable for fighting heroes with strong attacks, you must buy it when fighting on hanabi.

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Twilight Armor

Hanabi's Counter Items

Another strongest Hanabi counter item is the Twilight armor. This thing is very strong when used against the beautiful kunoichi Hanabi. Because twilight armor can provide high HP, reducing the relatively high critical damage from Hanabi.

Not only that, twilight armor allows some heroes to enjoy mana effects. You can even cause damage when attacked, which is especially effective when used against Hanabi. This item has a status of +1200 health and +400 mana.

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Those were some of the most powerful Hanabi counter items that you can use to activate them. It's better if he stays early, because this hero is very scalable, so he can't fight later in the game. Apart from him, you can find a variety of other opponent hero counter items at VCGamers.

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