What is M4 Mobile Legends? Check out the Explanation!

What is M4

What is M4? Of course, this question will arise when you have just played the game Mobile Legends. M4 is one of the events that Moonton always holds every year.

Mobile Legends is a game that regularly holds exciting events, including M4 MLBB. M4 MLBB is an annual international tournament for the Mobile Legends game. 

Teams from around the world will compete to become the Mobile Legends World Champion. During the M4 MLBB event, Moonton gave cool prizes to the players such as epic skins, 1 million diamonds, heroes and other prizes for free. 

Thanks to this program, you can make predictions for all groups participating in M4. Of course, you can predict the MLBB team from Indonesia. By making predictions, Vicigers can get up to 1 million leather and diamond prizes.

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What is M4?

M4 Roster
M4MLBB. Source: VCGamers.

The M4 Mobile Legends international championship which will be held again after M3. M4 is the fourth world championship by Moonton. This big tournament will bring together 16 of the biggest teams in the world, including Indonesia, in fighting for the MLBB world champion.

For those of you who are excited about this event, you don't need to worry because this event will be held in the near future, namely January 1 2023 to January 15 2023. Where this event will be held at Istora Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia. In this game tournament there are 16 MLBB teams from various countries.

Tickets are needed to watch this game, so there's still time to order tickets and collect money if you want to buy them. This competition is not a joke because the total prize up for grabs is also very large, around IDR 12.2 billion. A lot right?

Moonton Presents an M4 Event with Free Skin Prizes

When does the M4 World Championship Start
M4 MLBB events. Source: VCGamers.

If you are still asking what M4 is, it's better to immediately join the events in the game. Because there are several free epic skins that you can get from Moonton.

This global event has been eagerly awaited by Mobile Legend game players where everyone has the right to participate and have the opportunity to win prizes in the form of many epic skins.

At the MLBB M4 event which has now been opened, there will be lots of prizes in the form of epic skins from many heroes namely Angela (Venom Vespid), Lunox (Eyes Of The Eternity) and also Gusion (soul version). 

Vicigers can get all of the skins above for free, that is, for free, just by following and completing some of the information provided in the MLBB M4 program.

If you look at the rewards given above, there's nothing wrong with joining the program, especially since we're not going to take diamonds or buy anything. 

All you have to do is visit the official site page of the M4 MLBB program and link your Legend Mobile account there. Then you can complete the task given. 

The event is running and you can take part in it now, at this MLBB M4 event there will be various skins that you can get for free without having to exchange them for a number of diamonds.

So how do you get rewards in this epic skin? The program is very easy to follow, even though there are a lot of tasks to do, the messages are easy to do.

Later, if you can complete a certain number of missions, you are entitled to get a certain number of tokens based on the information that you have completed. Now you can use the token later and if you are lucky enough to get the skin you want.

All you have to do is predict the number of teams you think will win the match, and share your results on social media or WA. So, here's the way you can follow to get free epic skins at this event;

  1. Open the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game.
  2. You must login to your Mobile Legends personal account.
  3. After logging in, you can share the webpage or the missions contained in it to get tokens..
  4. Select the "predictions" menu in the game and you can choose as many as eight teams that you think will be the world champion of M4 MLBB.
  5. If you have done the method above, please claim the token or prize given.
  6. done.

Well, you can use the tokens that you have collected to play in the graphic menu, where you can choose to play 1x or 5x instantly.

If you're lucky, you can get one of Angela's (Venom Vespid), Lunax (Eyes Of The Eternity), or Gusion (Soul of Revelation) skins. But if you're unlucky, Vicigers can earn points to exchange for other prizes.

Later, you can make team predictions from one match to the final. If you can guess correctly, you will be rewarded with tokens, collect tokens, and a raffle to increase your chances of getting free skins.

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MLBB M4 Team 2023

List of M4 MLBB 2023 event teams. Source: VCGamers.

So which is the best team that will win the championship? So, here's the complete team formation that Vicigers needs to know about the M4 Mobile Legends World Championship 2023 event.

  • ONIC Esports
  • RRQ Hoshi
  • Blacklist International
  • ECHO Esports
  • Team HAQ
  • NO
  • RSG SG
  • Falcon Esports
  • Burn x Team Flash
  • MDH Esports
  • S11 Gaming Argentina
  • Malvinas Gaming
  • RRQ Akira
  • Occupy Thrones
  • Incendio Supremacy
  • The Valley
  • MDH Esports

Well, what is the M4? M4 Mobile Legends is an international tournament held by Moonton every year which brings together 16 esports teams from around the world.

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