ONIC vs RRQ Match Results in the Semifinals of the M4 Mobile Legends Lower Bracket

ONIC Vs RRQ in the Lower Bracket Semifinals on January 14, 2023 will be the follow-up match in the M4 Mobile Legends championship. This duel is also known as the royal derby and is a match best of 5 series MLBB.

RRQ and ONIC Esports were forced to meet in the knockout stage. This happened because both of these teams lost in the upper bracket. RRQ Hoshi previously lost to the Blacklist International team with a score of 3 – 2 in the upper bracket match.

Meanwhile the team ONIC himself had to lose to ECHO in an upper bracket match. The defeat made them have to undergo a royal derby against RRQ Hoshi. 

The two big teams from Indonesia themselves managed to qualify for the M4 World Championship competition as champions and runners up in MPL ID S10. For ONIC Esports who managed to look stunning in MPL Indonesia season 10 made them the kings of MLBB Esports in Indonesia.

Then, how will the RRQ Vs ONIC match in the Lower Bracket M4 MLBB semifinal? Please refer to the review below.

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ONIC Vs RRQ Match Results in the Lower Bracket M4 Mobile Legends Semifinals

The two teams from Indonesia must acknowledge the toughness of the opposing team during the previous phase. Because both of them failed to reach the final phase, ONIC Vs RRQ had to meet in the Lower Bracket M4 Mobile Legends semi-final.

ONIC Esports vs RRQ Game 1

Game 2 ONIC Vs RRQ in the M4 MLBB semifinals. Source: Youtube.

Onic Esports seemed to dominate the first game of this first game, Kairi who several times used the hero Hayabusa to win the battle over the pigeons. 

But in the 10th minute, RRQ Hoshi seemed to start turning things around. Skylar's move using Beatrix was difficult for the Onic Esports players to stop.

Entering the quarter, RRQ Hoshi seemed to be in control of the game. It was recorded that they succeeded in destroying the top and middle turrets of Onic Esports.

In the end, RRQ Hoshi managed to win the first game after destroying the Onic Esports headquarters in the 19th minute. Starting from the master they got, R7 and his friends immediately moved to the Onic Esports headquarters and managed to destroy it. 1-0 for RRQ Hoshi's provisional advantage over Onic.

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ONIC vs RRQ Game 2 

The second game of ONIC Vs RRQ at M4 MLBB. Source: Youtube.
The second game of ONIC Vs RRQ at M4 MLBB. Source: Youtube.

The second game was a very exciting and quite enjoyable round for the RRQ team. All players from RRQ had their best performance and gained the advantage in this second half.

RRQ Hoshi hit the ground running at the start of the game. RRQ Hoshi who used the heroes Hilda and Baxia Jungler who were known to be strong in the first game managed to spread the jungle of Onic Esports several times. 

Onic Kairi uses Fanny which really needs the purple buff which requires a lot of damage due to the game plan used by RRQ Hoshi.

And lastly, RRQ Hoshi managed to destroy Onic Esports headquarters in the 14th quarter. With their interference, they immediately tried to destroy the foundation of Onic Esports. 

Onic Esports players who won the hero stage couldn't do much and lost in the second game to RRQ Hoshi. Score 2-0 for RRQ Hoshi's advantage over Onic.

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Victory Deciding Game!

RRQ won over Onic. Source: Youtube.

Onic Esports seemed to dominate the start of the third game. It was recorded that when the 7th Division entered, they succeeded in destroying RRQ Hoshi's three turrets.

However, on the 10th episode, RRQ Hoshi began to see that he had succeeded. After defeating several Onic Esports players, RRQ Hoshi managed to take the lead without any resistance. This master then helped RRQ Hoshi to start beating Onic Esports.

RRQ Hoshi was finally able to turn things around in the 21st minute. Starting with the master they got, they made a noise that the Onic Esports players couldn't stop and finally RRQ Hoshi won 3-0 in this tournament and defeated the yellow hedgehog.

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