Biodata of Oh My Venus MLBB, The Best Support Player in the World

Oh My Venus

Oh My Venus MLBB or OhMyV33NUS is a professional player from the Philippines. These professional players often become a topic of conversation, especially in the Mobile Legends esports community.

His popularity has increased after his success in bringing the Blacklist International team to win the MPL Philippines Season 8 tournament. He is an esports athlete in Mobile Legends with a Support role. Many Mobile Legends esports activists consider him the best Support player in the world.

The position as the best support player is certainly not easy for just anyone. There needs to be special expertise for someone to get the position. Therefore, let's look at the discussion about Oh My Venus, starting from the bio below.

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Biodata Oh My Venus MLBB

Oh My Venus
Oh My Venus MLBB. Source: Gamedaim

For Vicigers who follow international developments in Mobile Legends esports, they must have often heard about Oh My Venus. However, for Vicigers who haven't really followed the international competitive scene of Mobile Legends, VCGamers has concluded his bio from various sources.

Johnmar Villaluna is the full name of an esports athlete with the nickname Oh My Venus or OhMyV33NUS. He was born on July 20, 1994 in the Philippines. Currently, he plays for Blacklist International as a mid laner.

His social media is very popular. Her Instagram has more than 266 thousand followers and her TikTok has more than 1.3 million followers.

  • Full name: Johnmar Villaluna
  • Nickname: Oh My Venus
  • Nickname: OHMYV33NUS
  • Date of birth: July 20, 1994
  • Country of Origin: Philippines
  • Age: 28 Years
  • Team: Blacklist International
  • Role: Support/Midlaner
  • Signature heroes: Estes, Mathilda, Diggie, Rafaela
  • Instagram: @ohmy. v33nus
  • TikToks: ohmyv33nus20
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Career Journey and Achievements Oh My Venus MLBB


ONIC PH OhMyV33NUS. Source: YouTube/GunggongTV

His career as a pro player in Mobile Legends started with playing for ONIC PH in 2019. Not only as a player, he also served as captain for the ONIC PH team. While playing for the team, he brought his team as runners up or second place in the MPL Philippines Season 4 tournament.

The following season, he and his team again managed to win second place in the MPL Philippines Season 5 tournament. During his time as captain for ONIC PH, he played with Wise, his close partner and had an extraordinary synergy.

After guiding ONIC PH to second place in both tournaments, Blacklist International saw his potential as a pro player and recruited him in 2020.

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Blacklist International

Blacklist International
Blacklist International OhMyV33NUS. Source: ONE Esports

While playing for Blacklist International, his skills really shined. With his new team, he managed to win the MPL Philippines Season 7 by defeating Exercration. After that, despite winning 2nd place in the 2021 MLBB Southeast Asia Cup international tournament, his team managed to win the MPL Philippines Season 8.

The tournament was won by Blacklist International by defeating the old Oh My Venus team, namely ONIC PH. The next extraordinary achievement is winning the M3 World Championship. This international scale tournament is the most prestigious tournament in the competitive Mobile Legends scene.

The thing to note is how Blacklist International started the Playoffs from the lower bracket. They managed to become champions by defeating the best teams, for example, RRQ Hoshi and ONIC Esports in the Lower Bracket.

Oh My Venus MLBB managed to bring his team to win the championship and get a prize of $300,000 USD or around Rp. 4.4 billion. Of course, the achievements that Oh My Venus has achieved with their team are not ordinary.

Unique fact

Oh My Venus and Wise
Oh My Venus and Wise. Source: SKOR.ID

Like other MOBA games, of course Mobile Legends has its own meta with a combination of various heroes. One of the META that was born from the game Blacklist International or Oh My Venus is meta 2 support.

This meta is often used by Mobile Legends pro players around the world, for example, pro players from Indonesia who compete in the MPL Indonesia tournament. The teams that use this meta are diverse, such as the EVOS Legends team who won the championship because they used the meta 2 support to the fullest.

Meta 2 support is the result of the famous game from Queen Support, namely Oh My Venus. This nickname has become a trademark for Oh My Venus, because of her skill in playing hero support. With his role as a strong support and helping the team mid, the meta is very strong and they have managed to win various tournaments such as MPL PH Season 7.

Another unique fact is the incredible synergy with his teammate, Wise. He and Wise are so close that their closeness provides a strong synergy in the game. They have had a career as a pro player together, since playing for ONIC PH.

If they play and dominate the mid lane, the enemy will find it difficult to dominate a game again. The duet between Wise and Oh My Venus is of course well-known in the Philippines and in other countries such as Indonesia.

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