Complete Profile of ECHO PH Mobile Legends Roster


The Grand Final of the M4 World Championship is right around the corner and the match will be a match between two Filipino teams namely Blacklist International and ECHOPH.

This time, we will discuss the full profile of ECHO PH which will face Blacklist International again.

Previously, they had faced Blacklist International in the Upper Bracket Final but failed to close their bo5 match with a win.

If you are curious about the ECHO PH team, let's take a look at the discussion of the team's profile below!

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ECHO PH Team Profile

ECHO PH roster
ECHO PH Roster for MPL PH S10. Source: ONE Esports

ECHO is a Mobile Legends team from the Philippines. Before becoming ECHO, the team was originally called AURA Philippines under the auspices of AURA Esports.

Located in the Philippines, they participate in various annual tournaments such as MPL Philippines. All current players and coaches have Filipino citizenship.

By page Liquipedia, the team founded in 2021 has won a total prize pool of around $81,760.

Since the formation of the team, many players have changed to become the main roster. This time, ECHO already has a very strong final roster at M4 World Championships.

If you are curious about the complete ECHO roster, let's see the discussion below!

Complete Roster of ECHO PH

MPL Invitational. Source: ONE Esports

ECHO PH currently houses nine active players and one main coach named Tictac. All of these members come from the Philippines and are led by KarlTzy as captain.

The following is a complete list of currently active players:

Active Roster
nickname Name Position Country of origin
KarlTzy Karl Gabriel Nepomuceno jungler Philippines
Zaida Justine Sadia Palma jungler Philippines
Bennyqt Benedict Gonzales Gold Lane Philippines
Outplayed Johnville Borres Villar Gold Lane Philippines
KurtTzy Jankurt Russell Matira EXP Lane Philippines
Sanford Sanford Marine Vinuya EXP Lane Philippines
Jaypee Jaypee Gonzalez Dela Cruz Roamers Philippines
YAWI Tristan Cabrera Roamers Philippines
Sanji Alston Pabico Midlane Philippines

There have been various substitutions throughout the history of ECHO PH. They have various new players, such as Sanford, Sanji, Jaypee, and Outplayed who just joined in July 2022.

The previous and current roster has won various achievements, both through national and international tournaments. Below is a complete explanation of the best achievements they have got.

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List of Previous ECHO Achievements

ECHO PH Season 8
ECHO PH MPL Season 8. Source: ONE Esports

This Filipino team participated in various tournaments and managed to get a fairly respectable position. The following is a table of previous achievements achieved by ECHO PH:

Blacklist International Achievement
Date Position Tournament Name Present
October 23, 2022 Runner up MPL Philippines S10 $29,460
April 28, 2022 5th-6th MPL Philippines S9 $12,700
October 21, 2021 5th-6th MPL Philippines S8 $7,900
May 30, 2021 The third champion MPL Philippines S7 $12,200
June 14, 2020 The third champion Mytel International Championship S2 $2,000

Even though they haven't won first place yet, they are still able to compete in various tournaments.

ECHO PH recently won second place in the MPL Philippines Season 10. Winning second place means that they qualify for this year's M4 World Championship tournament.

Thus, their debut in the tournament M-Series not wasted. The reason is, ECHO PH managed to show the world that they are not a team that can be underestimated.

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M4 World Championships

M4 World Championships
M4 World Championships

ECHO PH managed to prove that they are a team that should be feared by other teams by qualifying for the Grand Final match of the M4 World Champinship.

With the main roster, namely Stanford, KarlTzy, Sanji, Bennyqt, and Yawi, they were able to get a clean sheet or go undefeated in the Group Stage phase.

After entering the Playoffs phase, they also managed to beat Team HAQ and ONIC Esports in the Upper Bracket. However, they were forced to lose to Blacklist International in the Upper Bracket Final.

Their defeat required them to face RRQ Hoshi in the Lower Bracket Final.

The match was quite tense and ECHO managed to win the match with a score of 3-1.

Furthermore, M4 will host a Grand Final match between ECHO PH and Blacklist International.

Of course, as a Mobile Legends esports fan, you don't want to miss watching the match. Therefore, you can see M4 Grand Final schedule to see the full time.

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