M5 Pass: Price, Exclusive Skins and Other Attractive Prizes

M5 Pass

Before it was held M5 World Championship 2023, Mobile Legends presents the M5 Pass which can be purchased by MLBB players around the world.

The M5 Pass can be purchased starting November 20. When you buy this Pass, you will have the opportunity to get an exclusive hero skin, namely skin Yu Zhong and Kimmy.

For these second users, of course it is very mandatory to buy this M series pass.

Apart from exclusive skins, you will also get other prizes. To find out more details, let's look at the following review!

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M5 Pass Exclusive Skin

M5 Pass
Yu Zhong Exclusive Skin. Source: Esportsku

When you want to buy this pass, you will have two choices, namely buying a regular ticket at a price of 399 Diamonds, or Pass Plus at a price of 699 Diamonds.

These two types of passes will give you the opportunity to get the Yu Zhong skin (Dragon Shade and Cosmic Dragon) and the Kimmy skin (Rising Nova), as well as other exclusive prizes.

What makes Pass Plus different is that this pass offers additional M5 Coins, exclusive common actions, and exclusive trail effects.

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Other Skin Prizes in M5 Pass

Other Skin Prizes
M3 Items Encore. Source: One Esports

Apart from the prizes above, this Pass will also bring back exclusive M3 World Championship prizes.

To get M3 skins and items, you have to use Diamonds or exchange them for M5 Coins which you get when you level up the M5 Pass.

This event, which runs until December 31, will present the PRIME Field Haunter Roger skin and the Phantom Ranger Roger skin which were previously present in M3.

Apart from that, the Battle Night event will also be back for two days, namely 30 to 31 December.

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M5 Support Chess

M5 Support ChessM5 Support Chess
M5 Support Chess. Source: One Esports

To increase the Pass level, you have to complete various tasks. And there is a faster way to level up, namely through the M5 Support Chest.

From November 20 to 23, you have the option to pre-order the M5 Support Chest from the Event Tab to obtain additional M5 Pass EXP. 

To get this M5 Support Chest you have to buy it using Diamonds.

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That's our discussion this time regarding the 2023 M series special pass.

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