7 Best PC MMORPG Games that You Must Try

MMORPG is a popular genre that has many fans. There are several best MMORPG PC games that you must try.
MMORPG PC Games. Source: Steam

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) is one of the genres popular which has many fans. There are several best MMORPG PC games that you must try.

MMORPG is a video game genre that combines aspects of RPG games with an online system and presents many players.

Games This genre usually has themes in the world of fantasy or science fiction. Players will control several characters at once.

For those of you who are looking for the best MMORPG game for PC, come on, check out the recommendations in the following article!

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7 Best MMORPG PC Games That You Must Try

With hundreds of games released every year, you can have many choices of games to play.

Not always new, some games that have been released a long time ago are still worth playing. Here are the 7 best MMORPG PC games that you must try!

Destiny 2

MMORPG PC Game - Destiny 2
Destiny 2. Source: Steam

The first recommended MMORPG game is Destiny 2 which was released by Bungie on October 1 2019.

This MMORPG game with an Open World concept will invite you to explore the mysteries of the solar system with cinematic graphics that are pleasing to the eye.

You will play as a Guardian, the last protector of the Human race's Last City which is being besieged by many criminals.

There are three classes with different backgrounds that you can choose in this game, namely Titan, Warlock, and Hunter.

With a variety of interesting weapon and armor choices, Destiny 2 is suitable for you to try playing together with family and friends.

The Elder Scrolls Online

MMORPG PC Game - The Elder Scrolls Online
The Elder Scrolls Online. Source: Steam

Even though 10 years have passed, The Elder Scrolls Online is still one of the best MMORPG games for PC to date.

This game is set 1000 years before Skyrim and 800 years before Morrowind and Oblivion. The beginning of the game begins in Coldharbour's Wailing Prison, where the Elder Scrolls tradition is still maintained.

You will play as one of the escaped prisoners and will explore the Tamriel region. From here, your adventure will begin.

The Elder Scrolls Online offers quite extensive character customization with a variety of exciting game mechanics.

You can craft or take various items and combine them into unique armor and weapons to suit your playing style.

With more than 22 million players from all over the world, join the game for an exciting adventure!

Star Wars: The Old Republic

MMORPG PC Game - Star Wars The Old Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic. Source: Steam

Talking about the best MMORPG PC games, you can't miss Star Wars: The Old Republic. This game allows players to choose one of 8 popular character classes from this franchise.

These 8 character classes have different story backgrounds with unique fighting styles. Will you choose to be a Sniper Rifle or Lightsaber holder?

This game presents various unique planets with stunning views such as Hoth, Tatooine, and Alderaan.

If you are a fan of this franchise, Star Wars: The Old Republic is the best choice to play.

Guild Wars 2

MMORPG PC Game - Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2. Source: Steam

Continuing from the previous series, Guild Wars 2 also won many awards and positive reviews from people who tried it.

Customize your character to your liking and go exploring the in-game world to complete various exciting missions.

There are five races with nine different jobs that each have their own unique qualities. Jobs in this game are divided into three, namely Scholars, Adventures, and Soldiers.

Guild Wars 2 takes place in the fantasy world of Tyria, 250 years after defeating the Great Destroyer in the game's Eye of the North expansion.

With HD graphics and beautiful cinematics, this game will provide a fun MMORPG playing experience.

The Lord of The Rings Online

The Lords of the Rings Online
The Lords of the Rings Online. Source: Steam

Another popular franchise game on this list, The Lord of the Rings Online must be included in VCGamers's list of the best MMORPG games.

With a Middle-Earth theme, this game presents a vast world to explore with various unique characters such as the Dwarf race.

The Lord of the Rings Online provides extensive customization options with 7 races, 11 classes, 10 professions with more than 1000 skills and their respective characteristics.

There are various legendary items from Tolkien's works that you can make in the game, including Bilbo's Sting and Gandalf's Glamdring.


Neverwinter. Source: Steam

With a Dungeons & Dragon theme, Neverwinter succeeds in presenting a stunning fantasy atmosphere with various iconic characters and locations.

The action elements in this game also combine various attacks, skills, and abilities to avoid opponents that look impressive.

Players can choose one of eight character classes in Dungeons & Dragons and form a team of 5 characters.

The best part is, you can play this game, which has won more than 20 awards, for free.

Lost Ark

 Lost Ark
Lost Ark. Source: playlostark.com

The last PC MMORPG game recommendation is Lost Ark. This South Korean game is set in Arkesia and focuses on PvE and exploration elements.

At the start of its release, Lost Ark featured 12 characters which then grew to 26 as time went by.

The action and fighting gameplay in this game focuses on attack and skill combos to produce effective attacks.

With the system "skillstree“, players can unlock various unique abilities to improve their abilities.

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