The Easiest Way to Create an Outside FF Server Account!

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Maybe someone still doesn't know about how to create a server account outside of FF or Free Fire easiest 2023. This time, we will review about it,

As it is known that Free Fire is battle royale games which is very popular and has many users.

You have to survive so you don't get eliminated in order to come out victorious in the game.

This one game is almost similar to the game PUBG. But sometimes we will feel bored playing in a service region or curious about other server regions.

Then have the desire to change the server Free Fire in order to get a new spirit in the game.

Apart from that, there may be other reasons when you want to change this Free Fire server.

Now the only option is to find a new server that has good quality players.

Sometimes FF players become event hunters where events stop from outside our region.

At the beginning of creating a FF game account, players will be required to create a username or nickname and choose the gender of our character, apart from that we are required to choose a region.

For example, you are an FF player located in Indonesia. Then you will play on the closest server, namely on the Indonesian server.

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How to Create an External FF Server Account

cobra ff bundle - Cool FF Bundle Set
Cobra FF Bundle Set. (Source: Garena Free Fire/Youtube)

Even though you can't use the old account, you can still try to change the server. Creating a new account is an easy solution, then don't forget to install VPNs on the device.

The way to change external servers can also be said to be quite easy. Check out the following steps!

Download VPN

Hola. (Source: 01Net)

The first step you have to do is download the VPN application first. You can find this application on the Play Store or App Store.

There are many types of VPN available on the Google Play Store, you can choose which type. The most important thing is that the VPN can be used to access the outside internet.

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Open the HP Settings Menu, Search for the Application Menu

How to be good at playing FF - FF characters
FF. (Source: Garena Free Fire/Google)

Don't forget to make sure the download and install VPN process on your cellphone is going well. If it's successful, you can immediately open the settings menu on the HP. After the menu opens, you should be able to find the "application" menu.

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Search for the Free Fire application, then delete data

How to be good at playing FF
FF. (Source: Garena Free Fire/Google)

After finding the “Application” menu, look for the Free Fire application which is sure to have been installed on your cellphone. You must first delete the Free Fire data because it is still related to your old account.

Later, you need to create a new account right? The trick is in the Free Fire menu, select "Settings", then click the "delete data" button, then "delete cache".

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Open the VPN Application

How to be good at playing FF - How to create an external server account
FF. (Source: Garena Free Fire/Google)

Next, you log back into the VPN account that was previously downloaded. In that menu, please change the FF server region that you want.

Don't forget to also make sure to choose a region that provides FF games there. For example, you want to switch to the United States server, just click that option. Wait until the process is successful.

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Open the Free Fire Application

Cool FF Guild Names - How to Create an External Server Account
Free Fire. (Source: Garena)

Make sure the VPN is actually connected. If you are sure that it is really connected, please open the Free Fire application that you have.

When creating the FF apk, you will definitely be asked to create a new account. After that, you just have to do what is asked. Create a new account with the procedure provided.

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The New Account is Done So, You Can Play Immediately with the New Server

Cool FF Guild Names - How to Create an External Server Account
FF. (Source: Garena)

When the new Free Fire account is ready, you can start playing it right away. You can already use the newest server of your own choice.

With a new environment, new players, and events that you can't find on the old server.

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That's the easiest way to create an external FF server account in 2023. You can apply this method if you have the desire to change the FF server.

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